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Australians. We like to imagine we're a bunch of larrikins, irreverent, thumbing our nose at authority, and straight shooters. In that world view, taking the PM down a notch is Peak Australian.

But really, Australians are the troopers, not the swaggie.

Good to see C Uhlman holding up the proud tradition of holding the government of the day to account via the art of the Dorothy Dixer.

An entire audience sighs in quiet resignation as it realises the horrid reality, it turns out one man was _not_ in Brisbane after March 12th.

Yes. I do. Unreservedly. If I had an iota of moral fortitude I would stop using your services _because_ I believe it.

I mean, ffs, imagine making me think "Sure, Gladys is another fucking tory who would sell Central Station to a property developer spiv if she though she could get away with it, but at least she's effective in a crisis."

I nearly laughed out loud yesterday when I saw that Australia is apparently going to be supplying last mile logistics for vaccine supply in South East Asia . They inept idiots can't even manage that in Australian capital cities.

I'll never understand how otherwise sensible people could suggest that the Australian federal government could be perceived as having done a good job on Covid when they spent months being dragged into doing anything and were already screwing up vaccine delivery.

Let's take someone whose formative life experiences were in a field that seeks to scream for attention, avoid mentioning uncomfortable facts, and not be responsible for delivering on anything said, let's take them and make them Prime Minister. What could possibly go wrong?

Celebrate the small wins: I just managed to sit through a 30m meeting about shifting stacks to k8s without once denouncing it as the IT equivalent of launching a tactical nuclear strike on a grade school bully.

I'm growing up 🤗

Rewatching Marvel’s Civil War movie and it was bold to name the movie after the antagonist.

Last night D’s gin and tonic was a bit strong so she asked “Can you top me?” And I don’t thin The Child will ever be the same.

Where has this Thirty Year Copyright discourse come from?

Takes some real front to sorrowfully refer to someone as "the poor woman", to performatively sympathise with her family because the truth she wanted revealed was revealed, all while calling her a liar.

Like, I want a code review system that tells me "Don't worry about these several hundred lines of a typoed identifier changing and the unnecessary parentheses being removed from these attributes. But take a look at this conditional expression right here where true became false"

I would never found a startup.

Particularly not a software developer tooling startup.

But if I _did_ it would be a PR tool that integrates lexers and static analysers to filter out code style changes from diffs and allow potentially breaking changes to be focused on.

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