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"What is my salary ask? That's a great question......but you can just excuse me while I go to the bathroom. Sorry!"

<sounds of running>

"Yeah, the project is going well. Should be delivered on time...hold on, I just need to go check on the steamed clams."

It'll be like when the adorable but slightly klutzy protagonist accidentally accepts dates from two boys at once and has to run back and forth keeping them none the wiser. Hilarity will ensue!

Booked a initial interview with an internal recruiter for today...except its actually tomorrow.

When I am supposed to be in the office.

Good News: my manager has already resigned so he won't care.
Bad News: my new manager will be up from Hobart.

I'll make it work. Somehow.

Some people are glass half empty. Some are glass half full. Some will slide over a filthy cup with a dribble of piss at the bottom and will yell “Full to the brim of Dom! How you like dat?”

I wish I could go back and tell Sad Me Having Chemo "Buck up. In 18 years there will be a deadly pandemic and you'll be able to get vaccinated earlier than usual because of this."

I'm being told, by wikipedia, there is also a Gin Gin in NSW and it also seems to be lacking a locally produced gin.

Gingin (WA) has a gin distillery, but as far as I can tell, Gin Gin (QLD) does not. If this still holds when I am able to retire, I pledge to rectify this grave error.

Five episodes deep into Behind Her Eyes on Netflix and I get the same feeling I got fromThe Kettering Incident. Looked up the final episode….nooooooope!

I asked for something involving computers because I was still working out if I was interested in them, which in hindsight is hilariously adorable they sent me to be a shop assistant at Dick Smith

Comrades, imagine if, like, those platforms you say you mourn had in fact never stopped existing in other guises but they aren't popular because they aren't how people wanted to use the Internet.

No doubt Roberts-Smith will be hounded with the exact same malicious vim and vigor that Witness K and a Bernard Collaery have enjoyed.

My Indian co-worker told me how to pronounce the name of Hindi New Year and when I repeated it she said “you got it” but her eyes said “Yeah, close enough, Skippy.”

Anyway, Happy Ugadi

Australians. We like to imagine we're a bunch of larrikins, irreverent, thumbing our nose at authority, and straight shooters. In that world view, taking the PM down a notch is Peak Australian.

But really, Australians are the troopers, not the swaggie.

Good to see C Uhlman holding up the proud tradition of holding the government of the day to account via the art of the Dorothy Dixer.

An entire audience sighs in quiet resignation as it realises the horrid reality, it turns out one man was _not_ in Brisbane after March 12th.

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