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I for one welcome more lockdown. More I say! Such a relief having the extroverts locked up and not yawping at me.

I will never not be mad when I see this pattern. I assure you, I have my own identity outside of my job. There are only 37.5 hours a week during which I will pretend to give a shit about the company I work for.

Allison Mack and Bill Cosby are quite a juxtaposition.

Are we sure the crab grabbed the sponge? Could it be this is a half arsed carcinisation, but the sponge couldn't actually be bothered evolving into a crab, it just grabbed one to wear? It is the fashion, after all...

Thinking back to all the organisations I’ve worked at that play music. Sometimes at near club-level volumes.

As an extra special addition to the welcome pack for the new starters I inducted on Monday we gave them a possible casual exposure to Covid 19. 🎉 seems to go against the spirit of git, which is to as widely as possible distribute the experience of being yelled at by Torvalds for doing c wrong.

Normal person: “It’s solstice, the longest night of the year.”

Me, who has had outages to move production databases between data centres go three+ hours over allowed time, takes drag on durrie: “yeah.”

The cynical translation of Alex Hawke’s press release is they are buying time until everyone gets relaxed and comfortable again and then they’ll quietly ship the family back offshore.

Cynical yes? Accurate? Probably.

He’s great and all….

….but sometimes I listen to Nick Cave lyrics and wonder if the manatees in the Family Guy writer’s room found a sideline.

I need to find someone new to back channel with anti-corporate shitposts and antarctically sardonic comments during FYIs

I am “too lazy to track hours-old, hyper-localised memes back to their source” years old

If there is one thing you can say about the individual MPs that make up the Australian Government, it is they are well practiced at not knowing.

I watched the Snyder zombie movie and I felt exactly like Michael Bluth after looking in the pigeon bag.

"What is my salary ask? That's a great question......but you can just excuse me while I go to the bathroom. Sorry!"

<sounds of running>

"Yeah, the project is going well. Should be delivered on time...hold on, I just need to go check on the steamed clams."

It'll be like when the adorable but slightly klutzy protagonist accidentally accepts dates from two boys at once and has to run back and forth keeping them none the wiser. Hilarity will ensue!

Booked a initial interview with an internal recruiter for today...except its actually tomorrow.

When I am supposed to be in the office.

Good News: my manager has already resigned so he won't care.
Bad News: my new manager will be up from Hobart.

I'll make it work. Somehow.

Some people are glass half empty. Some are glass half full. Some will slide over a filthy cup with a dribble of piss at the bottom and will yell “Full to the brim of Dom! How you like dat?”

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