Anyone in Toronto interested in a 1984 Mac 512K? Free, as-is. Pickup only, East York. It's just light enough to carry on transit.

I kinda need to know whether to hang onto it or Got Junk it by tomorrow, and I'll only be around till the 1st to give it away.

Boosts OK.

Also, I have my beloved 1987 Apple IIGS that I'd like to not send to the landfill. Same deal, only there's loads of software and a joystick and a modem and it's far too unwieldy to take on transit.

@giltay if only you were in Melbourne AU - good luck rehoming these beauties with someone who loves them.

@tbn97 Thanks. I'd ship them, but it'd probably cost more than just finding one in Australia.

@giltay I wish I lived anywhere near that side of the country

If that IIGS is still available I know there are a couple of people on the 6502 forum who are local and could well be interested.


@selea Thanks for thinking of me but sadly this is way too far from where I much as I would love to @giltay


I hope that you find someone to give it too! Hopefully a museum of some sort


@selea @mgrondin There used to be a long-running Apple users club in town, but they're also long-defunct, sadly.

@giltay It feels so close and yet so far at the same time...

I'm over in NB.


@mgrondin @selea I know. If I drove, it would be a different story.

@giltay is there some kind of computer museum you could donate it to? Seems a shame to bin computing history that's in decent condition.

@TrechNex I know. I was hoping to donate them to the local Apple users club but it turns out it's long gone. I have a few people interested, thankfully.

@giltay Aw man, if you were in Vancouver I'd take this (and/or the IIGS) in a heartbeat!!! Hope you can find someone to take it. You could do a Craigslist post maybe?

@amatecha I'd ship them, but it's probably cheaper to buy one local! I've got some people interested, thanks. these machines sell for upwards of $400USD so maybe not :)

even that keyboard alone could fetch you at least $125USD currently. double that if you know it works.

@linear @amatecha I received the Mac as surplus from an organization I was an officer of. I couldn't ethically sell it myself. I'd rather give it away to an enthusiast, anyway. (Or a reseller who needs the money and is willing to pretend to be an enthusiast to get free stuff from a middle-class white guy.) understandable!

my main point was that even just shipping it somewhere, not actually selling, still would be economical for the receiving party to pay for compared to trying to obtain a similar machine on ebay or craigslist

@giltay I wish I lived near Toronto... actually, I say that a lot and not just for cool computers...

@giltay @SuricrasiaOnline, aren't you in the Toronto area? you seem like the kind of entity that would rescue a 1984 Mac from the trash and give it a good, albeit mildly haunted, home.

@Vierkantor @SuricrasiaOnline The computers are mildly haunted already, so it would be a good match! (I have a couple of offers, though, so they might be spoken for before Blackle wakes up.)

@giltay @Vierkantor unfortunately I'm out of toronto for the week, so someone will probably get it before me!

@Bronzie Beat 🏴 @Allusion i would dream of it, but i am on the other continent, on the almost uncharted land.

Insisting on 1984, Orwell freaks will make a huge trip to get it, isn't it ?

@giltay I thought this said "East New York" and got really excited for a min.

@giltay (But, explicitly, not to keep as-is. I'm going to put a Mac Mini and a small screen in it.)

@mhoye You monster!
(nb: not really)

The cool kids are doing a 3d printed mini case with a decent resolution LCD and a Raspberry Pi.

An M1 Mini would fit nicely, but dremeling out all the ports would be unfun

@mhoye I've got two other bites. I'll let you know how they work out.

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