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*glances at profile before logging off* *notices no conversations from the last 4 hours show up* welp, I guess @Gargron shadow banned me too? So much for a twitter replacement. All I did was ask a few questions :s

My first day on I learned that they shadowban people just like . I think I'm going to bed before I find out about any other skeletons in the closet here :(

it kind of reminds me of shadowbans on twitter. I thought I was getting away from that by coming here?

This site is confusing. I find someone who looks fun in a thread, go to follow them and get a 404 not found pop-up. I check their profile in another tab and it works. Is something broken or what?

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@gingerbread Yes, they use it as an advertisement point but that's never been entirely true.  For instance, they do not federate with Statusnet which has been part of this network for longer than any other software (indeed it was the original software Twitter so successfully ripped off to become what it is now.)

Also, your private posts appear here as normal posts, because they are not federated using the ostatus notice scoping feature but with their own version, so anything you mark as private arrives here as just a normal message with no indication it was intended to be private. It also is often extremely difficult to follow people on a mastodon instance from an instance using any other software, even when the administrators of the instances in question are actively trying to make the connection.

This is a lot of why they are talking about dropping OStatus - rather than fixing the many significant issues that exist they are essentially trying to sweep it under the rug.
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@gingerbread Yeah, those happen because Mastodon isn't federating right, is the tldr there.
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@gingerbread @Azurolu @SarcasmKid Communism is incompatible with 🍞 . But I'm sure you have a :starve: emoji.

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Why are so many peoples talking about Nazis? Did I fall asleep and wake up in 1933?

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#under1000 general purpose instance. runs pleroma, sfw instance, mastodon ui at

Federated timeline moves so fast *hides in pillow fort*