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as told by ginger

aw!!! the today’s icon thing on tootdon is so cute????

i gotta get new lights for my mirror

here have some cutie pictures of my butt

i still have to catch up on the new episodes of SU but i’ll probably save them until i visit my boyfriend the weekend of the 26

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Anybody in Boston area want a #job?

Looking for (approximately):
* VR software developer
* Front end web dev?
* Industrial design and UI / UX
* MechE
* Robot assembly technician

We make robots that go inside people and fix them which is #cybre AF

also you get to work with @banks and @amsomniac

DM for deets

why am i always so tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i love my pig slippers so much. they make me happy just to wear them

It's okay if you didn't get it all done today.

yeah, i really just have to invest in a 1-2TB hardrive and organize my things that way.

maybe after i pay my car off and get my new phone, that'll be my next "big" task

@Are0h @LogicalDash @gingerroot if you've got a spare Raspi and some hard drives laying around, Nextcloud is a halfway decent self-hosted option.

@gingerroot Yandex Disk is 15gb free + about $10 per 1 Tb (could be regional prices)

@LogicalDash @gingerroot Second with Mega. Been using them as a redundant back up solution for the last couple of years and I've never had a problem with the service.

@gingerroot My ISP currently offers 200 GB of OneDrive for no added cost. Of course, they also have the right to retract the offer, so it's not so free in that respect.
I used to use a Lumia 1020 on Windows Phone 8.1, associated with that was a 15 GB camera roll allowance on OneDrive plus a 15 GB bonus at no charge.
When MS restructured OneDrive accounts to 5 GB only, users such a I could opt to retain that 30 GB. I did so.

alright, i made a bargain w myself that if i called out of therapy i had to exfoliate and shower so it is time.........

@gingerroot mega is... well, mega. 50gb of free space. - seriously secure too, so be sure to make a good note of your password!