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as told by ginger

Just something dark I cooked up recently for La Bodega Gallery's VENUS art show in San Diego. The original will be for sale soon on my storefront:

#darkart #occult #artistsonmastodon #mastodonart #witchy #ink #carrieanneart #sandiego

I have just enough to get food but not enough for the internet that's due in 8 days (my mom won't be able to cover it like i thought she would, again)

Anything would be appreciated rn~$melaninpony

every time i leave work i feel as if my coworkers talk about me and all the crap i didn’t do right even though i have no reason to feel that way so it just goes to show how much of a toll this job takes on my anxiety and how sort of bad the work environment is

i need to stay awake because i work morning shift tomorrow but there’s nothing really to keep me occupied/awake

honestly working 12.5 hour shifts is amazing because like i can’t believe something’s take longer than 12 hours to accomplish.

i very rarely open and close a case i one shift. i usually take over and/or hand off.

stop putting tags on clothes and stop using fax machines.

there’s another big snow storm and while i have to worry about having power

i also have to worry about driving in it because i picked up a morning shift and now i never will again

hey hey random observation

ur all awesome !

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ok goodnight? i think? as long as no more bugs are found.

i wish my face was just... prettier. better. whatever that means. idek really know what i dislike i just know i do

i guess *offline is better. online is still real / real life.

social media is so draining but like... i have no other way to stay in contact with people as i have no friends IRL