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as told by ginger

so i’ve been thinking more and more about unions and have been looking for unions for therapists and counselors but that doesn’t seem to exist in the US

i found a UK one ( which seems small and a big vague but whose ideals seem to be good and aligned with what they should be.

how would one start a union???

@gingerroot There are nurses and hospital workers unions.

There’s also, an organizing platform.

I was in the Carpenters union a while back. I'd suggest contacting a union in your area and asking questions. They may have organizers who can help point you in the right direction. Some unions will cover more than one trade, too. The IWW has been willing to work with food service workers in our town, for example. Good luck!

@gingerroot Unions are generally for employees to gain leverage over bosses. If you work for an institution like a hospital then there are various unions working with hospital/clinic employees. If you are your own boss, then the only tool you need for leverage is a mirror.

So really the bigger question is what are you wanting to achieve?

@gingerroot You could always join the IWW - They welcome all workers.