finally got going with the instance switch, you can find me here now: 💕

you ever lie in bed with your phone in the dark and having a moth being annoying all over the screen and your face?

Petrichor, that fresh aroma you can smell after the rain, is caused by a little molecule called geosmin. The name literally means "earth smell." It's produced by soil bacteria and gives an earthy flavour to beets.

Humans are extremely sensitive to this scent – much, much more sensitive than sharks are to blood. Some think we evolved that way to find fresh drinking water after droughts.

Wikipedia and Google delude many into thinking all human knowledge has been made available to our immediate access.
This is a dangerous lie.
Any scholar will tell you of the vast amount of documents and artifacts completely unavailble online, or indeed impossible to easily scan or study online.
And this silent wealth pales before the oral and analog culture which, in a McLuhanian dimension, can not be simply digitized and maintain integrity.

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good morning!
let’s start the day off with one of my favourite videos, blini cat:

there’s a hornet in my bedroom but i don’t know where it is and i’m mildly distressed

on a sidenote i’m downloading a polish language pack now because i forgot how horrible his english VA is in witcher 3

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isn’t geralt bisexual in the witcher novels or am i mistaken?

just came back from an hour long morning walk in the woods (and i brought my camera)


i don't think anyone can make you laugh as hard as a sibling can.

#Help wanted!
With some friends we are setting up a local informal environmentalist group, with the aim of pushing forward good practices, spread sustainability, ecological awareness, and this kind of #solarpunk. stuff.

So far we are planning of doing #permaculture , #food production, #composting workshops, #Seed library, #GuerrillaGardening, collective purchase from #RegenerativeAgriculture farms, but we'd like to have more on the todo list.

Help me get out of our echo chamber, and give me your ideas about more activities we could engage ourselves and the local communities in.


Man every time I remember Jet Black from cowboy bebop is supposed to be 36 it just blows my mind. Guy is supposed to be a hardboiled ex cop and he's 36? Lots of that as a bounty hunter?Naw, sorry.

Let's say 6 years bounty hunting and then factor in some ideal entrance into the pd at 18, so that's only like 12 years on the force and lots of that in the beginning was probably stupid bullshit work. So basically he poked his head in the pd and he's now a bristled vet cop lol no. He's 56.

that said, one of the things i hate most about gay dating apps is this pervasive behaviour of being kinda shitty & mean toward eachother for no reason.

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tinder dude: is sassy with me
me: is sassy back
tinder dude: stops replying

long but friendly PSA on fediverse safety, boosts wanted 

hey, folx, in case nobody informed you, instances with bad actor administrators on them are literally a hazard to your safety

i am not attempting to scare you, and i am not exaggerating when i say that what instances you federate your posts to is a very important choice and thing to consider.

i cannot tell you who to trust or not, although if you want i will give you some people i personally do not trust, and thus would personally block, but i can tell you how to take care of yourself.

A) the attached screenshot is a great feature we have on mastodon instances, for forcing instances/users to unfollow you. if you do not trust an instance, for whatever reason, force them to unfollow through this menu!
B) block the people you don't trust. this isn't a great solution, and if your posts still go to that instance because someone on that instance does follow you, it won't do anything if a bad actor administrator wants to spy on you
C) lock your account. it should be more normalized, because it is a big deal to have an unlocked account. if your account is unlocked, a foreign instance might follow you without you even knowing, thanks to fediverse weirdness. this will probably NOT federate private posts, but it will get anything nonprivate, and if say, another intermediate instance has a bad actor administrator who you have let follow you, they could get your private posts with modified server tech. this part is true whether your account is locked or not, but regardless, locking your account gives you more control over who can see your posts and more knowledge of when someone is following you in general. it makes you think before allowing things, which is a positive, even if you don't think too much.
D) think about what you post publically. a lot. anyone can access this, if you do.

take care of yourself, folx.

mastodon suggestion 

I don’t know if this has been raised before but something i’d like as a feature is having the option to alert your followers when you switch instance, something that’d show up in the notifications (“user@masto.instance has migrated to user@another.instance” or something like that)

it’d go along w/ the export of your follows and block list etc.

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