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the yawning void

they’re completely black chickens. super goth & stylish!

i wanna get some ayam cemani eggs to hatch this spring....

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i hope everyone’s equinox has been great 💚

Bean time lapse - 25 days soil cross section

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if i started streaming making art on picarto would anyone be interested in that? :0

the intro track is like if you compressed the season spring into music, it's sooo so good


What concerns me about the current state of the human condition is this disconnected sort of..existing.

I'm not suggesting you're wrong for not wanting a (poorly) faked bit of niceness attached to your purchase of an apple.

On the contrary!

What worries me is that these sort of necessary commerce-related communications are becoming the only exposure some people have to the outside world.

Like anything else, interaction is skill/muscle. It has to be used or it will atrophy.

I am firmly of the belief that communication best helps relationships. Relationships without good communication or well defined boundaries are doomed to failure

i miss having long hair sometimes :’(

Metsähinen. A forest spirit from Finnish folklore. He takes care of the woods and beautifies them too, sometimes leading huntsmen astray. Sometimes he helps them.
Mine forest goth might not be the most traditional rendering :D
#watercolour #folklore #mythology #painting #metsähinen #goth

i love it when facial recognition works on drawn stuff

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