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My personality is an API that I use unconsciously constantly

stretching a Decriminalize Immigration banner across the street outside ICE HQ hell yeah

i started following @garfiald for lasagna content. biggest mistake i've ever made

This sounds doable! Maybe even simple! But I'm having a heck of a time finding any userland info about BT networking in general, beyond using Bluetooth com ports, and even that seems fragile and difficult to negotiate automatically.

So, tech geniuses of the United Federation, I turn to you.

What am I missing? How would it work? What tools should I look in to?

#tech #help

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Vice signaling

When someone performs a behavior that signifies, to them or to their audience, that the performer agrees with or supports behavior generally considered harmful.

We talk about virtue signaling a lot, but have you seen old bigots have a conversation? It's like a cry for support, but they want the other people in the conversation to validate their bigotry.

Vice signaling.

So after finishing Control, I realized that video games have broadened my musical tastes in weird and interesting ways. Like, the importance of a Finnish tango song in Control has led me to listen to other masc Finnish tango songs because FUCK the Sankarin Tango is amazing. It makes me feel things!

If you're managing an organisation that has been exposed as systematically racist, hiring a few people of colour ISNT GOING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM

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open source software development is essentially the greatest cooperative mmorpg ever created

Its better to fail at life than to never have tried, so if you've done nothing but fail a lot lately be proud of how far you've come.

queer culture is not being many people's type, but for the people whose type you are you are *extremely* their type

@LuigiEsq Prepare for death and follow me is a fucking amazing thing to put on a tombstone

talking behind peoples back but its all nice stuff

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