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You are a Nazi:
If you directly support Nazis.
If you indirectly support Nazis.
If your actions support Nazis.
If your actions enable Nazis.
If your silence supports Nazis.

And once you are a Nazi, you are dead to me.

Hello 👋🏼 am away since forever. There is plenty of stuff happening but wanted to wish you all a very happy new year

These are our Anti CAA protests in Chennai . Indians are facing state violence. More than 25 have lost lives, children are being beaten in custody, there is also allegations of rape in custody of Muslim boys from an orphanage, many many are facing illegal arrests, detention and cases filed against them . We are only protesting a bill which discriminates Indian Muslims, we are not even protesting the state. Spread the word

Why this minister is attacking NRI sanghis ? 🧐


| Union Minister Giriraj Singh stokes off a controversy.

'Indians abroad are eating beef & that is a matter of concern for us,' says Giriraj Singh.


Good morning tooters. Have you enabled 2FA on your mastodon account yet? #securityofficehour #india

Now you can secure your #mastodon account, by activating the two factor authentication.

For this go to account settings > Two factor authentication

Consumer spend sees first fall in 4 decades on weak rural demand: NSO data

Another very first by our Emperor. Indians are learning "austerity" from him. But the cynics will blame anything 🤣

@girishNaught I'm sorry to ask, but would it be possible to get a content warning on reports of suicide?

"Palestine through the eyes of a visitor" by

They never asked us for money.
They never asked us for clothes.
They never asked us for food.
They never asked for charity.
All they asked was that we tell their story.

Just what kind of society forces it's children to commit suic!de? Are we even a civilization anymore?

@girishNaught like on Twitter, replies only show up if you follow all people in the convo, and they don't show up at all on the public timeline

They won't even admit the knife is there​.
If you are 25 years old and your family can’t pay 300 rupees for your monthly stay, but then also you want to study for next 5 years, then there is something really wrong with your approach.

and :
@netanyahu has decided to boost his domestic image but is dragging all Israeli into this foolish propaganda.
The is not . It doesn't have identified bases. Therefore, it is showing its capability to retaliate to Israel's assassination solo+

She is 19 yo Fathima Latheef from IIT Madras.

She has committed suicide because her faculty allegedly taunted her for her Muslim identity.

”My daughter faced casteist and religious discrimination from her faculties”~Abdul Latheef

Days after Fathima Latheef, a first-year student of IIT-Madras, committed suicide in the hostel room.

Fatima's parents have alleged that humiliation and religious discrimination by some of her faculty members had forced their young daughter to take the extreme step.

A native of Kollam in Kerala, 19-years-old Fathima Latheef was an integrated MSc first-year student in the institute’s Humanities and Social Sciences Department.

Feature request: @Gargron, can we have "Mutuals only: Post to mutual followers only" reply type and a way to make it default?

Most of the time the conversations start on a Toot and the replies tend to get more personal. Those threads can go up to 100s of toots at times and it can clog up everyone's TL. (Personally, here on mastodon I'm apprehensive to reply too much knowing all my replies are also going to everyone's TL). A "Mutuals only" default reply type might encourage more engagement.

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