Need more features like cropping image and scheduling toots? Install Fedilab app.

Available free on FDroid and paid app on playstore.

Go to
Tap on the downloaded APK.
You will unknown source get warning.
Tap settings. Allow installation from unknown sources.

Allow F-Droid to update repositories. After that you should see following screens. Install .

And don't forget to check apps in F-Droid. They are all FOSS apps. Mostly useful and fun. Just not very glossy. But no ads. 😎

@AsliLiberalFeminist yes. I forgot what it is called. Check @Deepsealioness's timeline. She posted the name & she is using it.

@Aashiqkabeer I have to click on it. Then it opens up full screen. But yes, it did load.

@girishNaught @shameela you guys now moving onto f Droid
Some day I hope to see this whole lot running ubuntu/fedora linux and rocking out spreadsheets on Libre office and browsing with Firefox

@girishNaught I have used it and has been good. I need to update my phone though, 4 years is a long time in mobile phone land ;)

@girishNaught those who go down this route will be in a huge rabbit hole (for good) . Especially for newbies, who want to understand how the android ecosystem works, highly recommend it ;)

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