I haven't been posting much because I went back to school and I've been busy! Here's proof!

New sticker!
Wow! It's a big mouth! It's kinda scary!!! I wonder what would happen if I climbed in.....

New stickers available now!! I love stickers and I'd love you to pick some up and slap them all over everything!
Store link: gumroad.com/dangerprime?sort=n

Picture of silicone adult toys 

I made these! And you can own some!!!! Email below:

I updated my Patreon with a whole bunch high-resolution Japan photos!
Consider becoming a patron:

Bay Area LGBTQ+ artists! is this Sunday! Cutoff to sign up and show and sell your art is tomorrow! Otherwise come party with us! Live music, games, and art! More info: artsplosion.lgbt

Some prototype crafts that I felt were too cute too not finish are going to be sold at the upcoming Art Mart at Double Union!
Event info: eventbrite.com/e/art-mart-doub

Bay Area trans folks! Upcoming job fair at the Billy DeFrank LGBTQ+ Community Center!
June 15th

Hey folks at ! I'm at Yerba Buena, with my buddy the Metal Spirit of Business! Come introduce yourself and get a nice photo taken!

20 hours of printing later
(And please allow me to plug my discord, where you can chat games, furry, and crafts! discord.gg/3ZfdKxg)

I have so many cute things for sale at gumroad.com/dangerprime, including these lovely pawbs!
Pawbs!: Buy One Today!

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