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don't follow me here, follow me at @mole ! πŸ˜€

don't follow me here, follow me at @mole ! πŸ˜€

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so, i'm @gitzgrog just on 😁 wow you guys have a lot of custom emojis! 😲 #introductions

the first appearance of still gives me the chills tho

wow, the version of has some sound effects i never heard before... i first saw the vhs in 1998, so it must've been some early 'special' version

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gargron told me if this post gets ten thousand boosts he'll give me the website and i will become the new gargron

there's a site which lists the + friendly places, doctors, therapists... idk why, but in this country i trust them more than sexist or racist experts

also their price went from 45$ to 182$... seems legit

huh... i tried this site, but right now i can't afford a therapist... it's sneaky how i closed the site, got an email from them that my counselor wants to chat and when i replied to the counselor a popup asked for my credit card info... thanks

did get hacked? there are a lot of people spamming the instance πŸ˜•

huh, did really go on an acid trip? 😲

i'm sure i won't get a stable job until the 27th, when i'm gonna travel to Sweden, but it would be nice to make some money until then... i just registered on and i'm curious if anyone on the have some advice or insight how to go about this! 😊

it's so sad when you finish a series and you want more, but there isn't any more... πŸ˜₯

i only talk to like 3 ppl on messenger and i wanna leave it, but it's kinda hard to convince people to use some messenger or even ... πŸ˜•

huh there's a news article about how the hq gave orders to not delete any reported posts from hungarian government "news"(propaganda) sites... this makes me more sure about leaving that hellhole... also lately the government is buying all the opposition media... well, the bigger sites and tv channels... it's a nightmare πŸ˜₯

also reminder to myself... i shouldn't binge shows, i should look for a job πŸ˜“

i don't know who will watch the #LastAirbender, but #spoilers! Show more

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When I removed Twitter from my phone, I put a meditation app (Oak) in its place on my home screen.

Now, every time I tap the app out of habit, I do a breathing exercise instead of read shitty news.

i finished the and man it was a good series... know i know what i missed out on 😁 it's kinda sad it ended, but there's still the to binge, so...

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