Really, REALLY can't recommend the latest @giunitpod episode on #Organizing the #Tech industry enoiugh. I'm still not convinced unions are the right thing for tech workers, but this is some very thoughtful and thought provoking dialog that I'll be mulling over for some time to come.

Episode 023 - Transforming Technology, Part 2

In which we read chapter two of Transforming Technology. This chapter covers the transition to a society, the role of and labour process in that transition, and offers a theory of why previous attempts have largely failed.

Episode 022 - Transforming Technology, Part 1

In which we begin a three-part series on Andrew Feenberg's 2002 book: "Transforming Technology".

This book "rethinks the relationships between technology, rationality, and democracy, arguing that the degradation of labor--as well as of many environmental, educational, and political systems--is rooted in the social values that preside over technological development."

Episode 020 - Yeoman Coders

In which we discuss the political economy of software, the acquisition of GitHub, and matters adjacent

Episode 019 - The Cybernetic Brain, Part 2: Stafford Beer

In which we conclude our two-part discussion of The Cybernetic Brain, by Andrew Pickering. This episode covers the chapter on Stafford Beer, and the final chapter, "Sketches of Another Future".

Episode 016 - An Intersectional Analysis Of Geoengineering, ft. Tina Sikka

In which we talk with Tina Sikka about Geoengineering, and an Intersectional analysis of the potential negative effects of the same.

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Episode 015 - Technology And The Worker

In which we read from the second issue of Notes From Below ( Topics include organizing labour in the industry, workers ownership of design and production, and .

Episode 013 - Alternatives

In which we look at two papers, the Labour Party's "Alternative Modeles of Ownership", and "How To Change The Course Of Human History" by David Graeber and David Wengrow.

Episode 012 - All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace, Part 3

In which we discuss the third and final part of Adam Curtis' documentary film series "All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace".

This episode explores the development of Selfish Gene theory, the spiraling conflicts in Central Africa, and how we came to believe that we were machines ourselves, with no power to change the world for the better.

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Episode 010 - All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace, Part 1

In which we discuss the first part of Adam Curtis' documentary film series "All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace".

This episode focuses on the outsized influence of Ayn Rand on the late 20th century, and the belief that her philosophy could help to create a stable world that would last forever.

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