And this, kids, is why blocking alt-right-tolerating instances and moderating alt-right bullshit on sight is necessary:

tl;dr the playbook is:
1. create an account reposting popular conservative content
2. every once in a while drop-in a far-right meme, take it down after backlash (this measures the temperature)
3. once the follower numbers and temperature are right, go all-in on far-right stuff (and get banned, but also redpill a bunch of normies)
4. rinse, repeat.

Fucking lack of proofreading.

Do what I think computer.

Wait, maybe not

I'll just say that you can make a brioche that is too rich to be used as the dough for sticky buns.

Person to me: Wow how are you so good at that?
Me: Loads of practice over many years!

Also me: Ugh this is the second time I'm trying this why aren't I amazing at it already

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@sungo mikrotik still a good choice for network great?

Asking for myself because ubnt seems to be handling their current situation poorly

I love computing books which make me realize even though I may know all the details in isolation when put together as a coherent whole I suddenly know nothing :)

Wizard mini from fat dragon games.

Using their ender 5 profile for .4mm nozzle

Printed on an ender 5 plus.

No tweaks on my part, just crappy picture taking

@sungo you haven't done any filament write-ups have you?

I didn't readily find any on your blog.

@sungo enjoying the ender 5 plus so far.

Not a lot of prints, but I haven't done anything to it out of the box and it prints fine.

Might try some dragonlock stuff I have and use their ender 5 profile

Blessing your feed today with some pictures of the forests I've been able to walk in.

If this smell and noise it does when you walk on moss doesn't make me happy, then, I don't know what does. 😭

It's been a long time I haven't been able to go walk there tho. And I miss it very much.
There's a forest behind my mom's flat and I always go there for a big hours long hike with doggo when I visit her. But it's been less since pandemic. 😭

#forest #photography

going to the pub in full santa themed PPE to chuck coal at everyone for being there

I love that those I consider to be in my tribe also think the code each is us write is garbage.

I know mine is.

Me, when I finally come out to my parents: "So I rerolled my character"

I'm working on something involving Hilbert curves, but before I start on it I decided to make some just-for-fun images consisting of randomly coloring subdivisions.

@sungo is the creality ender 3 a solid printer?

We could afford the 5 but it's a tad much for our use case, at that price at least.

I only see casual printing by the kids and myself at the moment

Help needed, please boost 

So... I'm in need of some help.

I got laid off from my well paying IT job in March and was unable to find anything for the rest of the year. I used the time to study and try to find a job as a bike mechanic. I succeeded, but I also met an amazing woman and we got married in September.

But I cannot support two people on a bike mechanic's salary in Portland. I just can't. I got paid today and it's not even enough to cover rent. Even if it were, I'm without money for much of anything for the next two weeks. My wife has an EBT card but stretching that for two people is difficult.

I have 18 years of experience in information technology. I need a side job. I'd prefer something part time so I can keep doing bike wrenching so I don't want to die after working 40+ in an IT job full time, so I'm hoping maybe someone knows someone who has a small business and just needs someone to help with simple stuff, user creation, backup management, stuff like that, 10ish hours a week. I might be able to go half time at the bike shop but I really like my job and don't want to give up on the dream just yet.

Thanks for reading and hopefully boosting.

I think a lot about how the incentive structure for Netflix is very different as an internet streaming company than it was as a dvd rental company. As a dvd rental company they're incentivized to encourage you to try new weird things so everyone's not just in a long waiting list for the popular content. As a streaming company if everyone is watching the same content they can load it in quick caches, like the boxes they have in isp locations.

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