United States formally part of Great Britain, as it has been since 1607 (until George’s mistake).

Getting a booster Thursday and I can pick between Novavax and mRNA, and I'm torn. I'm already a hybrid (AZ first, ModeRNA second and Pfizer third). Should I go for the full house?

I'm having massive TwitchCon FOMO specifically for the artist alley.

A good friend of mine recently left Twitch and today is his first day at Google. Probably the best thing about the choice of his destination is that he can be _sure_ that his company will use meet and not Zoom or something worse.

It's too late to stop climate change, but we take steps to reduce the worst outcomes while also preparing for and mitigating its impact. cnn.com/2022/10/02/us/solar-ba
(Not sure why the URL is not unfurling, it's a good one).

This is cool. Also the kind of thing @twitter devs should put into the base system. Along with an auto caption bot for image alt.
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🥁 Introducing @vidtranslator 🌎

Hacked together a twitter bot that uses @OpenAI to translate any videos in any tweets, in... any language.

Making @twitter a truly global water cooler.

It's mind-blowing how good it is! Examples 🧵

Wow, I hadn't noticed. 2020 is almost over! I hope 2021 is better.
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Can’t believe it’s Q4

Black Panther, Black Adam, Black Lightning, White Super, Green Hulk, White Bat, White Spider.

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The movement continues to take classrooms by storm, and we can confidently say that this air purifier works! Tested by 3M scientists, Corsi-Rosenthal Boxes are proven to capture unwanted airborne particles. 🦠 Show us your DIY CR Box in the comments below!

I’m not sure what I did but my tiktok is full of “programmer jokes” which are literally all shit. Shit like vm.tiktok.com/ZMFN6umPy/. “Not interested” don’t nothing. I think it’s time to delete my account and create a new one.

This is interesting. The second bit is specifically interesting to me. When places I've worked at tried to collect demographic data like this there was a strong reluctance (for some obvious reasons) to answer. And companies definitely should try to "guess" at demographic data.
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BREAKING: @GavinNewsom has signed a bill to require California employers w/ 15+ workers to provide a salary range on all job postings & aut…

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I finished the print and the coloring process. I like my new spacemarine on the desk. Thanks to @slipgatecentral and @CollectFatFucks

Time to get the resin printer working again. These models are amazing.
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here we fucking go
get your first ever 3d-printable fatfuck here:

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@DFisman @DickZoutman It’s amazing how we have vilified masks and not the virus. It’s like being mad at ibuprofen when you get a headache.

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