Rarely do I see a Twitter thread that makes me go hmm like this, but also involves payments. Cool stuff at stripe, but maybe it's time for me to admit I'm no longer (for now) a game developer? :)
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Today we are launching the public beta of Stripe Apps, a new way for developers to extend @Stripe and build on top of our platform.

Some background on why we built Stripe Apps, what our platform enables you to build, and whe…

Unionize everything. But I think this is probably a great place to start. (And warehouse workers, and gig economy workers, and game developers).
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NEW: Strippers in LA are trying to form America’s only unionized strip club.

Dancers at Star Garden started organizing after two workers were fired for voicing safety concerns about customers.

“I want to exploit the system that seeks to exploit me,” a lead organizer t…

Nothing quite like thinking you are having an original thought in an email and gmail autocompleting your entire sentence.

Oh now that’s a good idea.
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Ok. Everyone is sharing that sexist guy, and this is hilarious. Apparently some of his tweets are now banned in Germany.

(I run with my region set to Germany because it gets me much better content moderation)

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"YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE SAYS MALE!" calm your tits, Carol, it also says seven fuckin pounds and a lot has changed since then

Conspiracy theory alert. Why does an EV company have an email address “just ice”?

I have core memories reading this and I still think of instructions being executed like this

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There was a thread a few days ago on Twitter “without telling me how old you are show me your first programming book” so here it is:

The really smart thing Tesla did is give me (Gareth) not my car the supercharging for life. So if I sell the buyer doesn't get it, but I am very incentivized to get a new Tesla. Oh and I also have free internet, but I am not sure if it's "for life".

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Every time the discussion of what EV to buy comes up, I remember that I have free supercharging for life and for me that makes me unlikely to replace my Tesla. Superchargers (especially free for OGs like me) are the only edge Tesla has anymore.

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hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in the third week of may, 2022, the one-star candle reviews have returned

When you like and retweet a tweet and then notice the tweet now has 1 like and 1 retweet

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We can finally say it!

The next installment in The Witcher series of video games is in development!

Read more here: thewitcher.ly/ANewSagaBegins

Ignore the headline, here is the biggest thing. The USA has had a politician called Milk and another called Loudermilk? How far does this go? Is Loudestmilk running in the next elections? What next? Loudcream?
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BREAKING: The Jan. 6 select committee says it has obtained evidence that Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) led a tour through the Capitol on Jan. 5, 2021 — contradicting earlier denials by GOP lawmakers that any to…

I think this dog is what people that write blurring filters in zoom and meet and teams think everyone's hair looks like

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