Every engineering all-hands demo EXCEPT for teams with heavy influence from NO-FUN-Gareth!
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Every engineering all-hands demo: "Hey, everyone! We're team Jedi, and we've been partnering with team Flamingo on Project Hobbit that's a key piece of the larger Road to Rivendell initiative. Today we'd like to demo our new dashboard, Jarvis..." 🤦

Do I miss working at Twitch? It's complicated.
Do I miss the people I worked with at Twitch? Yes.
Do I miss the energy on Twitch slack? WITH MY ENTIRE SOUL.
(Written for twitchlings looking at my TL as I have a feeling the pizza image earlier was posted there)

But the crypto bros have promised us that bitcoin is only mined with renewables and was actually a net positive for the environment. Does not compute.
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The crypto crash is having a (so far) lasting impact on related carbon emissions. 150,000 metric tonnes of CO2 are avoided each day compared to before the crash. The total reductions over the past weeks already amount to a quarter of annual CO2 reductions by Tesla…

Do any of my EA friends remember this? @justin_liew @FranticWhisper @sucktime @ConanReis @m18e @h4kr (or any I missed) or am I just hallucinating?

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Holy shit, this just reminded me of something I had forgotten. When I worked at EA (So around 2010) we had a prototype for a game called GunHead and the main character was literally a person with a gun as their head. I find other people using the name since, but much later.
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@shindags ... I think there might've been a 2010s-era anime kinda like this.

"Alexa Define privileged to me"
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Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco Archbishop denied her communion because she vocally supports a woman’s right to choose

So she flew to Rome and received Communion at the Vatican and a blessing from Pope Francis instead

That’s some queen shit right there

I have refused to write "Opinions mine" in my Twitter bio. Does that mean when you guys read me voicing an opinion you think I'm literally expressing SunPower's views? Because it's not.

My tier list of top 5 star trek shows of all time:

The Orville
Babylon 5

Gotta love when bad programmers and javascript mix. Here is a form where the default value for a date field when you haven't clicked on anything is `false`

The Orville is the best Star Trek show since TNG. It wasn't even close until SNW came out.

lol 10 seconds after sending the tweet someone joined the meeting and told me he liked my background and where could he download it?

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On a sunny day when I have outdoor meetings (*clutches pearls*) the shade above my head makes it look like I'm using a fake background + green screen

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1. The Canadian Parliament's voted on two bills that would attempt to limit abortion in some form over the past six years. One motion was supported by 68% of sitting Conservative MPs, and the other by 96% of Conservative MPs.

Let's talk about those bills:

Health comes first and wishing him the best. But it’s a big loss for BC.
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B.C. Premier John Horgan said after two bouts of cancer — throat cancer in 2021 and bladder cancer in 2008 — he is tired. newwestrecord.ca/bc-news/bc-pr

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By 2022 standards, nearly every single viral illness qualifies as mild. If the majority of people need to die for an infection to not be mild, then basically everything is mild except ebola and rabies. Polio? Mild. Measles? Mild. Dengue? Mild. West Nile? Mild. Everything is mild.

This is why non Americans care so much about USA politics. They are a bellwether and right now their move towards christian fundamentalism is emboldening people elsewhere.
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Tory MP Danny Kruger says he doesn’t agree that “women have an absolute right to bodily autonomy".

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