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If the democants think they can “take away” Trumps Nuclear perhap’s they need to read the 2 Amendment WOW !!!!

The cool thing about walking around with a dota logo on my backpack is that people either get it and we share a common language or people think I’m a huge fan of the apple news app.

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“If Trump was an actual billionaire, the FBI would have told him they were coming a week in advance so he could shred all the papers and buy a home in a country without extradition.” thebeaverton.com/2022/08/being

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Suffice it to say that conservatives in Canada, writ large, would like us all to be distracted by their hysteria over @justintrudeau and his family being on vacation. The question isn't, why is our PM on vacation. The question is, why do conservatives want /1

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I present to you all, the top of Trump's crazy statement on his FBI raid as the Star Wars crawl

I know where @t3dotgg stands on this, he's not shy about it. But anyone else got any vs opinions? I wanna build a front end only toy and I guess learning one of those is the right thing for me.

The crowd found every limp wristed gag, every “bottoms like to be on top” and every “dancing makes me stiff” joke hilarious. I was sitting next to my 13 year old and was ashamed for him. Not sure if I’ll talk to him about it.

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Last night I saw a local presentation of the play “something rotten”, a comedy of sorts. About 30% of the jokes were “lol he gay” or “lol he walks gay” or “lol what he said sounds like gay sex”. Are we not past gay panic in 2022?

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Behold: the updated Canadian national anthem.
From “The Book of Pslams”, My latest scripture, now on sale (and five-star reviewed) at amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08WTN2P8M/ and barnesandnoble.com/w/the-book-.
Buy one now, you decade-plus-long freeloaders.

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The FDA is allowing a monkeypox vaccine that is not approved for children to be used for children who may have been exposed to the infected daycare worker. Let me translate: they are really, really worried about how serious monkeypox is in children.

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Welcome to Cybersecurity where we will shame users endlessly for having fun and filling in social media quizzes

and won’t even mention the problem of major companies still using simple knowledge-based challenges for authentication.

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So. The Spanish man snapped on train that went viral did NOT have Monkeypox.

He has neurofibromatosis, which causes tumors and is not contagious.  

He never spoke to @arturohenriques

Do you see now? The gutter journos are after likes, not facts.


My mother named me Gareth and someone gave my father's father's father's father's father's... father the last name Lewin.
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Tell us the story of how you named your Twitch handle.

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This is one of the best videos to ever exist.

Can always do what a certain system at Twitch did and use PT always... Yes I'm subtweeting my friends, but I'm as much a part of that decision as anyone else.
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There's a troll-ee part of me wants to respect people's usages of `PST` when they very clearly mean `PDT` and show up an hour late to engagements completely aloof.

I get that this is funny (stolen from Linked in) but also makes you wonder if AI controlled military bots are a good idea.

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