Is this what zoomers mean when they say "Cringe"? Because I literally Cringed. Personally if I got this reply I would find it hard to not delete my Twitter account.

Literally 3 minutes after giving this “super strong for hard chewers” toy to my dog.

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Huge “I looked it up and it turns out Lincoln was a Republican, what else are they hiding from us” energy

Bought a reusable cover at IKEA. Now my ginger is STD safe.

Some of those that work forces, don't like those that oppose the sexual harassment of young girls. (I couldn't make it rhyme, I'm not Zack de la Rocha)
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A viewer just sent me a longer version of the arrest video from the dress code protest in Orleans today

Tough to see how the Ottawa Police explanation holds up that these “youths” were “trespassing” on the sidewalk, when they just wanted to cross the street an…

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While it is in no way conducive to making fast progress in the game, I had a very lovely time yesterday playing Elden Ring and keeping a journal of my adventures.

What a game!

This is cool shit (no idea what the origin is) by why is it a always thriller and never rhythm nation?

It never ceases to amaze me how game artists will put boobs, preferably big and visible, on anything. A deformed monster with no face? BOOBS. A half woman half fish? BOOBS.
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‘Leaked images’ appear to show a new Silent Hill set in Britain.

This, my friends, is called "Market Manipulation". But, of course, there will be no consequences.

This is legitimately good. Maybe even if you don't like the NFL.
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Should we REALLY make our schedule release video an anime?

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Congrats to @google for getting Arabic script backwards & disconnected during @sundarpichai's presentation on *Google Translate*, because small independent startups like Google can't afford to hire anyone with a 4 year olds' elementary school level knowledge of Arabic writing.

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