Hey, @slackhq here is a freebie, reactions to reactions.

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Just remembered that Postmedia published this op-ed in 2017 that is almost word for word the same as the Buffalo shooters manifesto.

The words that radicalized this white supremacist were not "fringe" -- they were printed in our newspapers.


Much like Elon Musk, I would also like to state that my buying Twitter for less than $44b is not out of the question. Keeping my options option.

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The hate crime that happened in Buffalo was an atrocity. Such violent racism has no place on Twitch, or anywhere in our society. More about what happened and our response: safety.twitch.tv/s/article/A-s

Is this what zoomers mean when they say "Cringe"? Because I literally Cringed. Personally if I got this reply I would find it hard to not delete my Twitter account.

@megmac @brook yeah I worked it out too. Was more a potential bug report to brook. That said my first read had me very confused as to propane based 3d printers.

@megmac Prusa I3 or prusa mini. I have several printers and that is what I started from. There are cheaper options but they won’t work well out of the box.

Literally 3 minutes after giving this “super strong for hard chewers” toy to my dog.

Heh @SimuLiu’s “I am Canadian” intro that the Junos was pretty good. A bit too “we are better than those down south” but still good.

All the Bros investing in BTC should've invested in gas stations.

I bought a steam deck but haven’t opened and considering just returning it. But first any mutual local to BC that want to buy it from me at cost? Not looking to profit or discount. $911.58(Cad) 512 GB model.

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Huge “I looked it up and it turns out Lincoln was a Republican, what else are they hiding from us” energy

Bought a reusable cover at IKEA. Now my ginger is STD safe.

It's worse, it was "bend over and touch your toes so we can check if we can see your underwear".
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School boards:
"We can't police mask-wearing. Students have rights."

School boards:
"Girls, bend over and touch your toes so that we can see if your skirts are too short."

Some of those that work forces, don't like those that oppose the sexual harassment of young girls. (I couldn't make it rhyme, I'm not Zack de la Rocha)
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A viewer just sent me a longer version of the arrest video from the dress code protest in Orleans today

Tough to see how the Ottawa Police explanation holds up that these “youths” were “trespassing” on the sidewalk, when they just wanted to cross the street an…

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