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Is the correct fediverse term “subtooting”?

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Congrats to @google for getting Arabic script backwards & disconnected during @sundarpichai's presentation on *Google Translate*, because small independent startups like Google can't afford to hire anyone with a 4 year olds' elementary school level knowledge of Arabic writing.

It is comical how bad the UI for the internal (and meetings with external contacts) video conf app is at the biggest company in the world. Yes, I am subtweeting Amazon.

Hmm, Twitter has new ToS and Privacy (I just got a popup). Can this be related to a certain very rich man playing with his money? Nah, it can't be.

I saw the headline and was all happy until the word "mountain".
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government provides $10-billion loan guarantee for Trans Mountain pipeline @georgiastraight @standearth @svenbiggs @Tzeporah @HBreen2 @bill

In a great step of forward-looking and following the science, my son's school @UrbanAcademyBC is starting at 9am from next year. Sadly they are going to have optional classes (my son will probably do as many as he can) before that negatin the value though.

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International clients are backing out on ph artists now. Many are affected, this is heartbreaking enough to know some of you would rather to stop helping and supporting artists in the midst of hardship. Our future in uncertain so many are preparing;

Cries in GenerationX
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Baby Boomers have been running the country for nearly three decades. Some successes, a number of disappointments. It’s time to pass the baton to younger generations — Millennials & Gen Z. Pls join us for conversation tonite on @CNN with @ACCooper about my new book on subject.

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It's time people knew the TRUTH about their own websites

Damn spell checker “is it” should be “isn’t “

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Wow EA Sports is it renewing FIFA license and will name the game EA Sports FC. As someone that worked there this seems unfathomable.

TIL that in French a goalkeeper is called a Guardien de Butt (ok. I might have added a t)

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I see that Gawker has learned nothing from being sued into bankruptcy.

Imagine if you had a different stream for each window and the viewer could "alt-tab" without having the driver do that. Or have both screens on at the same time. Ok I'm starting to say too much on Twitter.

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I need @t3dotgg to build me a fast frame rate code pairing platform :P

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