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Look, I don't want to be a stereotype but my male, frail and pale ass can't do any of these.
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In case anyone needs practice...

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Mounted on the same post as the local Little Free Library For People.

Hey @Darth relevant to your interests.

I wish the people that invented English were more consistent in word suffixes. Take "PA" for example:
BPA - Negative / Poison / Bad for baby bottles.
Spa - Positive / Relaxing / Massages and Nails.

I tried watching "The Shrink Next Door", but in the middle of episode 3 I just realized I was not enjoying it at all. I need to find a to read spoilers as I am interested in the end, but not the journey (as it was very obvious how it was going).

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you think that's bad? i was 13 when i saw will ferrell dress up as janet reno on SNL. this led directly to heroin

I realize this is a very niche tweet but man monster train is a cool game and anyone that has played it might find this screenshot amusing.

So, the technology works pretty well. But I find I can't just "talk" at it, I am kind of mentally forcing myself to write in document prose. Dunno how to break that.

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I'm really finding writing long documents hard. It's not the writing, but rather the long part. It's hard for me to stay focused (even with my meds). Does anyone have recommendations for a good speech-to-text option specifically for document writing/dictation? Mac Preferred.

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The curvature of your fingers makes you think you’re touching higher up the the screen than you are. So, touches are warped to account for this. That’s why—to this day—it’s hard to target taps when you hold your phone upside down.

I'm sorry if I'm calling out any of my mutuals, but gender reveal parties are the dumbest things ever.

The American pipeline from “white people never heard of Juneteenth” to “white people exploiting Juneteenth to make profits from and off the black communities” was way too swift. One year?

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Canada, you do not want a two tier system. If that happens, the conservatives will not spend a dime on the public one and it will become even more of a disaster.

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@GardeningLisa @beansprouts_mom @adriandix Lisa, every jurisdiction has an ADR - the balance point between the economy and inevitable fatalities based on the strength or weakness of Health Officer Orders.

This is a depressing shot of reality.
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@beansprouts_mom @a_longhurst @trishgreenhalgh @dgurdasani1 @DFisman @AshTuite @CIHR_IRSC Even if one were to find the funding. University-based research needs ethics approval and guess who would have the last word to allow or not data collection to proceed ?… Yes, it would be the MoH, Health Authorities or hospitals. Odds of getting REB approval is zero…

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In 2014, this French weather presenter announced the forecast for August 18, 2050 as part of a campaign to alert to the reality of climate change. Now her forecast that day is the actual forecast for the coming 4 or 5 days, in mid-June 2022.

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Proposal to stop referring to the pandemic in the past tense and climate change in the future tense.

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