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This is worrying. We've only started using robots ourselves.

I wonder how many important things didn’t happen because people didn’t cross their fingers.

Dear Women who work around NFL players, Judge Sue L.Robinson is making it clear that telling men to not sexually abuse you is "a dramatic shift in the NFL's culture" and you should just accept it because no one notified the poor players about this.
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Here’s the conclusion of Judge Sue L. Robinson’s decision on Deshaun Watson, saying in part the NFL “is attempting to impose a more dramatic shift in its culture withou…

Real life representation of almost all github readme files

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The Venn diagram of 3D printer owners and rules lawyers is a circle

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South Korea’s President scraps nuclear phase-out & vows to boost nuclear power generation to 30% by 2030.

Construction of 2 new nuclear reactors is set to begin in 2024.

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Sunday pod?
Here's a clip of @Plastician talking about how the writing about DubStep didn't seem to match the reality of the scene until the artists could look back & see their journey. Fascinating stuff. Search 'What Goes Around' wherever you get your pods for the full episode.

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companies in the interview: we want you to have been doing side projects in your spare time

companies after the interview: we want you to be doing our work in your spare time

Not 100% sure what is happening in minecraft but assuming this is a real screenshot, I just want to tell everyone that this is hard to get right and why I am so proud of some of the work I did at Twitch

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Dinosaurs didn’t have pronouns and look where that got them. Fucking obliterated

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We need YOU to play TWO games of Tetris for a study by @dagmaradamcova and myself on skilled performance


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In case you’ve ever wondered how advanced MicroSD card data recovery works (likely dead controller) 🤯

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5/5 And of course remember that Amazon operating profit of $3.3B. The AWS part of that is $5.7B, so do the math. Glad I don’t have to compete with Amazon Retail. /fin

I just saw someone on Twitter whose pronouns are they/them refer to themselves as "us" and not "me". Is this common? (I'm not being negative and use whatever pronouns people want, I just am curious)

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