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This is an extremely well-written document, and I recommend reading it if you are a developer. Not (just) for the problems that Kelly rightfully brings up, but to find her good recommendations.
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My latest essay is a rebuttal to the recent guide published by CISA, ODNI, & NSA on "Securing the Software Supply Chain."

I present my 10 main objections to its recommendations, which I believe would result only in securing the …

Clearly not. Big fat no.
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Great question from @mfroomkin at 🥲, through our student. Should police robots be designed to be harmless looking?

So I guess the latest GBBO is out on Netflix USA. Which means it'll be in Canada in 9 months. Lots of time for me to hide from spoilers.

Can someone do Hackintosh but for iOS? I don't want to leave the apple world, but I want a Samsung flip.

For anyone that knows ASL, please answer this: The interpreter is smiling by the end of this. Is that just because he is amused or does ASL use facial expressions to convey that something was said in jest?
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ngl, I assume this exact reaction would happen at other big slacks I've had access to.
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When the individual breached Uber, they sent a slack notification to everyone informing them the company had been breached.

Employees thought it was a joke.

Photo via @ColtonSeal

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Please talk to privacy people before launching projects like this. Talk to one person who can give you a "here's how this goes really wrong." My god.

"This province is essentially a place for the maladjusted" - That's why I moved here!
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Weirdoes and misfits

Trick question because everyone knows that GraphQL schema from database is WRONG.
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How do VCs decide which of the 25000 serverless database to GraphQL services to invest in 🤔

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Adobe buys @figma right after @t3dotgg outlines why Figma will beat Adobe.


The Figma deal is bigger than any purchase Google or Amazon have ever done. I really don't understand how they came up with that valuation, but take the bag from adobe figma, take the bag.

Back in my day we had Tennis Players like Serena Williams and Roger Federer

Today I'm thinking of the pre-acc Twitchlings that went to Figma and are about to win the lottery a second time.

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