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Also remember: Mastodon is NEW(ish). It's not a behemoth like Twitter. It's probably gonna have occasional issues/bugs. Have patience towards the amazing folks putting their effort into making a true competitor to what is essentially a monopoly.

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I imagine POTUS must be *freaking out* right now without the ability to spew his hate-filled bullshit all over the net. Can you imagine his consternation? It must be absolutely hilarious.

I don't mean to use Mastodon solely as a "Twitter backup", but it sadly ends up being that much of the time. Anyways, hope you're all doing well.

Was just thinking “Gosh, I wish I could easily organize the programs on my Win10 PC into thematic ‘groups’ instead of having them all jumbled into one menu” and then realized that what I want is the Windows 3.1 Program Manager

Our corgi is apparently a little prince who doesn’t want to get his paws wet, so he decided he’d just go in the house in a spot that resembles “yard” as much as possible; this means “somewhere on the carpet” 90% of the time.

ARGH. Someplace in the house smells like dog pee and I can’t figure out where. Need to *douse* the damned carpets in Nature’s Miracle.

hello popular vote has decided that this is the worst McMansion in the entire state of Texas.

1 boost = 1 wealth expropriated from the extractionist texas bourgeoisie

People coming from Twitter see Mastodon as this drop-in replacement, and that’s just not the case. 

One neat thing about Mastodon is that you can namespace your interests by being on several instances. I find that pretty useful, TBH, and may gravitate toward that in the future. Unfortunately switching between instances on Amaroq is a bit clunky. Not sure about other apps...

I do wonder if 2018-Aug-17 will be remembered by Mastodon old-timers the same way Eternal September was to early Internet adopters.

Mastodon the band needs to create a Mastodon instance named mastodon.mastodon so they can be @mastodon@mastodon.mastodon

I will be astonished if doesn't crash and burn under the sudden influx of birdsite users.

Hey all, I know how to do content warnings, but how do you do "Show More" folds?

If the birdsite term for a line of successive posts is a "tweet thread", the Mastodon term should be a "toot suite"

Mastodon got me thinking about how you can solve trust and consensus issues in distributed systems without resorting to an unscalable solution like a blockchain.

The biggest possible problem with federation-based systems like Mastodon is that of the malicious instance; I wonder if the existing code has safeguards in place to try to mitigate this.

Alright Mastodon, I’m staying off the birdsite today, so my post frequency will probably shoot up... 😅

Mastodon: It’s basically twitter but you have to pick a server when you sign up

Twitter: lol ok Alan Turing I’ll keep to my cruise missile brands saying ‘bae’ thank you very much

Oh hey, Twitter just announced a bunch of awful new “features”, so here’s me reminding myself (AGAIN) that this much better alternative exists!

This is my periodic post to confirm that I have not abandoned Mastodon by any means. But I do need to start posting here more often rather than on Twitter. Mastodon is... happier.

I'm still here; just haven't had any hobby stuff to write about. I've been busy playing a very heavily modded game of Minecraft with my daughter, no time for anything else. :)

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