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glinner @glinner

@danharmon I didn't see that one but I muted someone who started with something along those lines.

@RichNeville found out it's an "unspoken ruler" not to post about Trump unless you use a content warning and now I'm frozen with indecision

@Gargron any plans for a mute option? I find that a particularly useful birdsite feature

Yayyyy, got my first passive-aggressive dot reply. Really does feel like old Twitter.

@ivanvector @danharmon @tomharris any of you guys mind if I share a screenpic of this conversation on Twitter?

@MFarrugia how did scrivener turn out for you?

Right, got to get on with the day. Later!

@danharmon @paralithode I guess. All that stuff is way beyond me

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For all new tooters! Before I finished working on a better "getting started" screen, here is: Welcome to Mastodon, here is what's different and why it's better

@paralithode surely going to be impossible to enforce but i like it as a starting point.

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@Gargron i didn't realise you were the developer! it looks really nice, man!

Looking forward to news anchors saying "Today, Donald Trump tooted..."