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'A multiple pile-up in the fog': wine agent's fury at Brexit red tape - it's almost as if is a disaster for everyone exporting or importing to/from the EU...

"the crisis in the GB/UK crossing is not down to “teething problems”, as Raab put it, but is baked into the nature of Brexit." -

NGOs demand action not promises as EU accused of ‘failing to protect seas’ - European marine protected areas must be fully off-limits to fishing

Florida analyst who clashed with governor over Covid data faces arrest - this is outrageous; we must defend this brave scientist

Shock Brexit charges are hurting us, say small British businesses - business will close, and thousands of jobs will be lost as a direct result of

'My neighbourhood is being destroyed to pacify his supporters': the race to complete Trump's wall - his sickest monument; biden needs to open it up to allow wildlife through, even if he can't tear it all down...

Left stranded: US military sonar linked to whale beachings in Pacific, say scientists - let's hope biden has time to fix this long-standing assault on cetaceans

UK plans early G7 virtual meeting and presses ahead with switch to D10 - another anti-EU move, but not in itself too terrible

65% of English NHS trusts exceeded first wave peak for Covid patients last week - maybe it wasn't such a bright idea to treat hard-working EU nurses with such contempt during , and drive many away, just when we need the most

UK fishing industry faces £1m daily losses after Brexit - I think I saw something like that on the side of a bus, once...

YouTube-DL Fallout: Google Rejects RIAA MP3 Ripper Takedown Notices - this is what bullying tactics get you...

Reducing Aerosol Transmission is an Easy Win to Stop the Spread of COVID - "Improving ventilation and upgrading PPE to protect healthcare workers from aerosol transmission will help drive out the Coronavirus sooner"

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