Some compiler/toolchain readings / resources:

The GCC Python Plugin: gcc-python-plugin.readthedocs. - useful tool for exploring GCC without spending too much time in C! :-)

20-part series on Linkers by Ian Lance Taylor: - covers many aspects of static and dynamic linking, is quite brief on many topics

GCC for new contributors: -practical advice for working on GCC

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The GCC Internals guide: - very useful reference for looking up, but not a good tutorial starting point

Essential abstractions in GCC course slides, exercises, notes: - a little dated now but still excellent starting point for understanding GCC

RISC-V LLVM patches: - nice series of patches for understanding how to add a backend to LLVM

Embecosm application notes: - in particular EAN 8 on DejaGNU, EAN 10 on implementing LLVM Integrated assembler (note/disclaimer: I work for Embecosm)

... err, that's the ones I can think of off the top of my head. More later if they come to mind.

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