Didn't see that one coming.

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Monero wasn't created by either the NSA or the FBI.
RT @WIRED@twitter.com This should worry anyone who spends the Monero cryptocurrency today, and anyone who spent it in the past wired.trib.al/bh5UYDN

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@gme My money's still (quite literally) on ZCash when it comes to anonymity on the blockchain.

The cat-and-mouse quote from that Spagni character strikes me as dangerously reckless, when you consider the needs of his "user base" and the fact that all the transactions are immutably recorded in a public block-chain.

But oh well, some criminals will go to jail. I hope that's the extent of the fallout.

@HerraBRE I agree with you. Lots of respect for Zooko Willcox. He's brilliant. It's just his business model irks me a bit. Mainly because I didnt think of it first! 😂

@gme I actually really liked how the ZCash group were up-front about their funding strategy.

Developing things properly takes time and effort - costs money!

They recognized that like grown-ups, which to me was also a good sign.

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