Here's my take on introducing to the local Linux user group. Given the audience it's a bit on the techy side.

There are two versions. Here's the one without on-click pauses during the slides:

The overview page, links to original file and and HTML export version at the github repo are at

Gemini - an excuse to make toys again gemini://

Quoting: "I had, a long time ago, a penchant for hooking random things up to the Internet ... the early days of the World Wide Web encouraged a lot of experimentation that seems largely to be discouraged now."

Found it while looking at gemini CGI script discussion on mailing list about CGI implementations and servers-

Now with the link: This app is bound to be useful for - probably at the client end. The API is delightfully simple ...

Do any browsers have a "print" option that gives formatted print (bigger headings etc). I really like and its beautiful on-screen rendering. It can save the text, but getting a formatted print would require another manual command.
Or (hint to Jake) a new menu option/shortcut to run a user-configurable external command on the text of the current page.
I know the use of printing has decreased, but for longer pieces reading with a good cup of coffee aids absorption :-)

Humans don't change much: "What the QAnon of the 6th Century Teaches Us About Conspiracies" -

15 minutes really worth watching for all us #privacy "nerds":

Whoever says not having tapped into a single of the mentioned "traps": I don't believe you.

And well does he have a nice way to make all the points – and to show how to make it better. Brilliant. Thanks a lot for this, @techlore

Privacy Advocacy done right 👍

12 has been released!
We added the possibility to move the main navigation to the bottom, follow more than one hashtag at once, squashed a lot of bugs and improved translations - Tusky is now also translated into Irish, Hindi, Vietnamese and Thai!

Read the full changelog here:

I've been enjoying Christine's posts - first found via , so this rather eclectic collection looks interesting:

Book Release: Musings from Within


I've long cautioned against the use of the "NonCommercial" variants of the Creative Commons licenses, because their restrictions are often more far-reaching than folks may realize (e.g., most free culture projects won't be able to use any content under those licenses).

@PeteForsyth has published a new essay that sharpens one aspect of that critique -- having a restriction with this level of ambiguity almost defeats the purpose of attaching a CC license at all:


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