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part my ass like moses parted the red sea

that's right gamers i'm thirstin some jesus dick 2nite

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god i love the idea of having a fuckin donut butthole so soft and sensitive that the fattest of dicks could part it like a hot knife through butter

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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Microsoft (Cannot) Access

healthy gamer pregnancies result in pleasurable childbirths and eggs hatching into hi-spec PC rigs

unhealthy gamer pregnancies (from drinking, smoking, taking drugs, etc.) result in painful or uncomfortable childbirths and eggs hatching into Wii Us

tired of being hollered at by neoliberal trolls telling me not to put all my eggs in one basket. i put great care in laying these eggs and i refuse to put them in anything less than the comfort of a straw basket

y'know even though it's kinda half-assed, 8 kinda like the desk i drew in that smut image because it also gives a sense of scale to how big azalea is comparatively

feeling that thing where i'm finally horny for my own smut but only several hours after having drawn it, which i attribute to being able to enjoy it instead of fussing over small details and lines

i need to put my graphic design skills to use and make up a watermark that isn't just my online moniker scrawled by hand on top of my art lol

horny art 

yes the booty has wi-fi, no you don't need any password

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