I love that Helix bikes are finally wending their way into the wild! I'll be on my Brompton for 4-5 more years at least (as long as my health and luck in traffic hold out...) but I love the design of these things. It's been a very long path from original crowdfunding through many, many production delays, but they're here!!


cc: @kukkurovaca @Courier429 @rusto88 @federicomena

@pla Dagnabbit, didn't mean to leave you out of that cc: list! Beg your pardon! 🤦‍♂️

@gnomon No worries. Checking out those videos now. I like that way that it folds and unfolds. Look sharp too. 👍

@gnomon ooooh! disc brakes, and a wider wheel radius than the brompton! sexy

@gnomon It's nice, but Brompton have been through decades of development. I used to ride a mid-90s Brompton mk2 (it's likely somewhere in the city: sold it ~2005): it's clunky compared to modern Bs, yet next to a friend's mk1 from the eighties it was ultra-refined.

Brompton and Dahon hold a vicious patent portfolio around folding tech. Good luck to Helix surviving that!

@gnomon Also, I wonder what Ben Cooper makes of the design? Ben's an old friend - used to maintain my recumbent - and is the only framebuilder approved by Brompton to make modifications. You want a Bromp with hydraulic disc brakes and Rohloff transmission? Talk to Ben.

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