Best part about posting a hot take about Celsius as someone from the USA is having folks explain the benefits of Celsius to you.

It's like y'all have to justify it or something. 😉

(Seriously though I'd rather we used Celsius and Metric but it's amusing to see everyone evangelize how Metric so much better)

(Note: not an invitation to explain why Metric is better. I literally would switch to Metric in a heartbeat)

@craigmaloney B.T.W., don't move to Canada just for the metric. We are half-asssedly-metric at best, decades later.

@bremner @craigmaloney

My experience in Vancouver was that Canada is a lot more metric than the US for sure, but it seems to depend on what.

I've found Canadians will offer their height in Imperial (US). Canadians seem equally comfortable with body weight in lbs and kg.

Cooking measurements are in sort of both, but then ovens use Fahrenheit.

All of this makes total sense to me though, because so many Canadian products are made for the US and then imported.

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