Hey Linux-y folks, great news! coreutils 9 was just released and the changelog is definitely worth a careful read if you basically ever touch a command line:

@JordiGH @gnomon Sorry I couldn't hear you over the sound of my Void-musl and Alpine machines compiling software for Android. Were you saying something about userspace software for the Linux kernel?
@JordiGH @gnomon Qubes is another distribution that throws a wrench into the "GNU/Linux" pedantry. Even though strictly speaking it includes GNU software, you aren't supposed to use it directly; it's better described as a "Xen/Linux" distribution, or perhaps just a Xen distribution.

Static binaries or POSIX scripts for Linux that use POSIX interfaces don't care whether your Linux uses glibc/musl/bionic or GNU/fbsd/busybox/toybox coreutils. It's not GNU/Linux, it's Linux; people referring to the Linux ecosystem typically include non-GNU distributions.

@gnomon exciting stuff! Deprecating "cp" in favor of "mv --preserve-src" was a bold move; really impressed than ln can now handle URLs

@alexandra right‽‽

And the advice to prefer `cksum -a` over `sha*sum` is going to take a while to work into my muscle memory!

@gnomon @scanlime i discovered "nl" exists today and now I'm mad at how much time I've wasted doing that in sed awk

@Xarph @scanlime aww, no time spent with sed and awk is wasted. But I'm delighted you found a new tool today that'll save you time, effort, and script complexity in the future! 🧡

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