Sweet, my dumbbell set arrived! Been trying to get my hands on these things for like 15 months.

Now, a proper bench


Pisco sours!

(I botched the proportions because this glassware is new to me and I also miscalculated the frothing ratio for these egg whites. Still delicious though.)

My friends are lovely and wonderful and now my martini olives will not taste like soldering flux

I finally found someplace with epazote in stock!


Oscars & Cocktails (1962, "The Hustler"); impressions, no spoilers; alcohol 

Three minutes in and this movie is great.


Just look at that gorgeous scallion gradient

Oscars & Cocktails: West Side Story 

Dear Google,

This is the opposite of what I specifically requested.

Nice, my Pinecil soldering iron magically appeared today! This thing packs down so much smaller than my current iron that it's not even funny. This should make soldering all those temperature sensitive LEDs on my next / build project waaaay easier.

(Thank you, @PINE64 !)

Of course she refuses to nap anywhere but the absolute least convenient spot in the apartment.

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Finally, the result! Foolish me, I should have held back a little fresh cilantro to join the feta as garnish; but nevertheless I'm delighted with the results here. Can't wait to have some with breakfast tomorrow.

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...and then the long, slow cook, constantly stirred, with the gradual addition of all the lime juice and bean cooking liquid. The cilantro goes in near the end so it can contribute its aromatics without them being fully cooked off.

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