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I've never been this nervous. Was I this nervous during the interviews? Maybe.

An office with no Slack, no HipChat? I am amazed. And okay with it.

I want to cry my eyes out that France is trying to woo American scientists. I understand the reason, but how I wish we weren't helping them to make the case.

Politics and bitterness 

theartofmichaelwhelan :
AMAZONS (1979) by Michael Whelan, cover for the DAW anthology edited by Jessica Salmonson

We must work to make a world where it is okay to read the comments

Politics, media headlines 


The President, Qatar 

I have spent so much of my life at the altar of things at which I am terrible. I will spend so much more time here. I understand why we hate the talented. My only slave is knowing how many other awful fakes share this space.

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