Show more China’s PLA killed 20 Indian Army soldiers, including a colonel; 76 others were injured and hospitalized, 10, including 1 lieutenant colonel and 3 majors captured.

Details of what happened on Monday night in eastern ’s is stunning. Gen HS Panag, who was the chief sentinel of our northern borders as the Northern Army commander, writes what Modi must do at this “hour of reckoning” after the PLA bludgeoned 20 Indian Army men to death in .

This is a that you can’t miss. Far from what has been peddled by godi media, China has flatly refused to go back even an inch from the positions they occupied in Ladakh. Instead, they have demanded the entire Galwan valley.

This is Modijee’s legacy. First Indian PM to surrender land. So, the lieutenant general-level talks failed and the Chinese didn’t yield and inch. Hmmm ... Meanwhile, a man was beaten to death after being arrested for not wearing a mask. Police in Jodhpur nearly killed a man in George Floyd fashion for the same reason. “Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” — EE Cummings That’s my university batchmate and dear friend, Rana. Good to see him in a feel-good news. 🙂 Interview of Yug Mohit Chaudhry, where he discusses the uselessness and depravity of the death penalty. Among many cases, including the Nirbhaya case and the Laxmanpur Bathe case, he discusses the Surinder Koli (Nithari) case too. Have a look. Bejan Daruwalla, India’s first celebrity astrologer, is dead. He was 89. A regular on TV, he was some character around two decades ago. He just faded away and wasn’t heard of in the last 10 years or so. This is a article from General HS Panag on the at . Who can understand the psyche of the Chinese and the dynamics of our northern borders better than the former chief of the Northern Army? Have a look! This is a . I anticipated way back in January that this is not to to leave India unaffected. Now, after almost 5 months, swarms of desert locusts have become a menace for the country. Let’s see if we can contain them before monsoon’s onset and save our kharif crops. Never before in my life I’ve seen, heard or read such a thing happening in India. The closest I can remember is beggars snatching a fistful of leftover food, which were served to train passengers, at Lumding station in the mid-1980s. I wasn’t even 10 then. Now, this is what India has become in the last six years:

* Economy is dead
* Education out, obscurantism in
* Healthcare out, quackery in
* Military power weakest in decades
* Foreign policy? Even Nepal bullies India and treats it with contempt

Wah! In a civilized society, this is shocking beyond words and this would have resulted in the immediate arrest, speedy trial and conviction of the culprits. However, in savage society that showers flowers on cops who murder suspects in custody, this is normal. Thousands of Kashmiri men were arrested and sent to jails outside J&K after the government diluted Article 370 and scrapped Article 35, last August. Since then, many helpless families await their release.

Take a look at this first-hand account.

@goldenarcher I have recently learned how deep antisemitism is absolutely insane! How Jews were blamed for the great plague, , and massacred.

“Barring those who chose to convert to Christianity, children and those women considered attractive, the remaining were slowly burnt alive.”

from Bihar at Tamil Nadu’s Tiruppur railway station waiting to catch Shramik Special train to go back home. Listen to the commentary in Hindi.

In other news, TN recoded nearly 800 cases yesterday. The origin of the word “tot” and why in Gurkhas rum is termed as a “regimental drink”.

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