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Me: I will eat healthier in 2021. Also Me: "Honey Bun, Sweet Tea"

New release on YouTube Music now. "Where Did the Time Go?" should be on Spotify, Apple Music, and others within a few days.

Decided to record a @play0ad exhibition play-through. Ended up with a tutorial on how not to play.

I just learned that is a thing. It's like a slow-motion . Oh, and people are complaining about equality as a men's team beat a women's team for the national unisex title -

It's been a long time (2 months). I shouldn't have left you...without blogs and jams to consume. My first of many YouTube to come -

is trending on Twitter. I finished a YouTube video with and last night. And I just updated my site. This weekend is full of win.

I'm curious how many folks went all out for and bought a (.gay TLD) domain.🤔

Gameplay on Linux. I loved this game as a kid. Glad it's now on Steam.

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