is... is berries space having a hard time for anyone else?

someone please recommend me some more old amvs to watch, i only remember a handful of good ones!!!

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i love that the only math im good at is algebra. not the basics, not taxes or interest or anything ill use when im living on my own! just the ones that are a cute lil puzzle every time

time to look up 5+ year old amvs while i play pokemon heartgold and dont do my homework.

u know the thing where u wind up a toy car an just let the wheels go spinnin wildly in the air? feels like my chest just did that on a spiritual level and idk what that means or what im supposed to do with that now???

someone please tell me what to do,,,,

idk how to make this choice myself!!!!

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for those curious, my hoenn dex is up to 194 seen and 146 caught. good progress!!!

im just,,,,, love flygons little goggles so much?????? hes so good?????

just 1 encounter away from evolving to get my sweet flyboi who im love!!!!


ken sugimori is a basard for not giving flygon a mega evolution because of artists block,,, i am SO mad!!!! this boi deserves so much better!!!!!!

yall think ben 10 ever used four-arms to beat his friends at n64 games?

alternative to big valid: bog valid

for when ur a swamp monster but want to reassure people that theyre amazing

on the one hand, i want to post

on the other, i dont want to waste my hot takes until berries is back up

what a cruel mistress fate is

to those of you asking about berries, i’m not sure what happened but it had to go down for hazel to work on the website. she’d been working nonstop with migraines, and needed a break. good news, though! the site will be up by tonight, maybe within the hour! :D

you know what? shelgon is valid. hes jus a littel orb boi

bagon is not!!! he commits tax fraud and conned me out of 10 $$

wonderin if i should play through the whole game in y before trading over my event pokemon and starters and then reset or just trade them over now and get it over with?

you can like... directly trade event pokemon to someone else, right? its only the gts u cant use them for, right?

its so weird that bagon evolves into shelgon. feels like it should be the other way around :/

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