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just gonna throw it out there, im not gonna follow anyone back until barry's space is back up an runnin since this account is "officially" dead

you never really notice how annoying HMs are until you dont have to deal with them for 2 games

guess im posting here till barry's space is back up?

ok, i think i followed everyone on my new account that i follow here. if i missed u, let me know!!!

i dont wanna bother anyone by mass messaging, so im just gonna follow the same people on my new account!!!!

im so dumb,,,, it took me like 10 minute just to figure out i actually had to type out the barry's space thing on my actual url lookup!!!!

ive seen lots of movement to the berry space, is that the way to go??

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YYEEEAAHAHHH!!!!!!!!! we didt it babey!!!!!!!!!!! 69 followerss!!!!!!!!

1 more follower til i hit 69(nice) thene i move to another instanced. any reccommeendations??

woww,,, so outta it todau??? i cant post good right now but i hopwe everyones havin a good time

boost if u think the girl on the left is just as pretty as the girl on the right

i forgot i had a camerupt named juliet and a sharpedo named shark-juliet and i have no context for this but i love them so much???

destroy my voice jamming out to country roads take me home challenge

lern to type coherently challenge!!!!! herw we go!!!!

do i expend all my energy catching octillery,,,,
or do i levl up a remraid????
these are the tough questions

i dont understand how remoraid evolves into octillery but im like it!!!

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