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OH: "BSD is that marvel of engineering that you aspire to marry. Linux is that $10 hooker that you got with because you were desperate for something fast and easy."

@stsp hehe thanks, I need to retire my powerpc and sparc64, I need new stuff, and put there my old x201 as vmm server.

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sysclean 2.3 is out !

sysclean is a system tool to list obsolete files between #OpenBSD upgrades. And you could keep your system clean and soft.

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" is committed to providing superior service with a distinctive personal touch.
We challenge you to try it, we know you'll love it." bsdcare.com/

John McAfee documental, maybe would be better a Reiser(FS) documental.

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Over on the #Pyra boards, there's pictures of the first preproduction units out in the wild in the current status update thread: pyra-handheld.com/boards/threa

ptitSeb took one with both OpenPandora and Pyra:


How hard is replace the hdd on a x250 for a ssd?

Hmm is wpakey broken on ifconfig? ?