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"After I joined Mastodon, I have used Twitter..."

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A request to my friends. Just like old times Twitter, this is the format of mass-mentioning in a reply.

@ people you want to address directly
<insert your content>
@ rest of the people who were in the thread

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I joined Twitter in 2009 and deleted 50k tweets individually in 2014 after I couldn't handle the abuse, sexism, the homophobia, casteism and transphobia. Twitter was a beautiful place for me and it began to change after 2014.

I am here to hopefully, one day see Twitter become obsolete.

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I am on Mastodon because TwitterIndia is a breeding ground for casteist, homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic saffron stooges. TwitterIndia adminstration is biased against Dalit-Bahujan-Adivasi accounts both in censoring and verifying.


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RE the Citizenship Amendment Bill, the new dagger pointed at Indian muslims by RSS regime, some are already talking about legal challenge to it in Supreme Court.

The same court that delivered the brazenly Hindu majoritarian judgement on Babri Masjid.

If a society is relying on a bunch of most pretentious, pompous lawyers (which is what a supreme court is) to save them, Consider that society is already fucked...

Only algorithm is keeping us hooked to Twitter. Trending stuff doesn't matter. Outrage doesn't matter. Algorithm matters.

In a Whatsapp conversation this morning I shared with someone in my family about someone we know flying out of the country.
In a few minutes I get an SMS "Flying Abroad? INTERNATIONAL ROAMING Packs have got you covered in 60+ Countries!Select your Country, your pack & get going!"

Coincidence or are we being watched to this extent?

You are a special kind of trash if you think it was brave of capitalists like Rahul Bajaj to "speak up".

No, capitalists serve their own interests even when they are "speaking up". All they want is tax breaks, for which they will praise anybody.

Us speaking up against them is the sign of strong democracy. Don't confuse.

Women: Men are trash.

Response: Oh but you know, not all men. Why you so aggression bro?

Men: Men are trash.

Response: Wow what woke boy. Cannot able to praise more. Should make president of universe immediately.

Listen, condoms and sanitary pads buying are the threshold of stigma ok. I mean don't look at my lips when I'm buying lip balm and don't look at my tongue if I am buying tongue cleaner.

are there any straight people on this platform? I have some questions...

Post wallow breakfast of Idli, egg dosa and fried eggs. Followed by a traipse around the beach.

I am here. Was just a bit frustrated with the murderous Indian state so took a walk.

If you people are wondering what is happening on the birdsite, we are now at a stage where famous authors are saying Hitler destroyed the British Empire and was the "karma-Bija" for Indian's freedom.

Every time we think that this bill is dead for good, the Government keeps reviving it! But don't take my word for it! The thinks this bill is extremely harmful and it does violate their privacy and rights without any tangible return!

A clean closure of cases against Ajit Pawar. But a mere furlough for Ajay Chautala? #Unfairness #Partiality

No Constitution Day until we manage to , , get so on...

This misuse of the Constitution does not have Dr. Ambedkar's blessings.

In your opposition to BJP, please don't glorify parties like Shiv Sena. Shiv Sena is not a regional bulwark like DMK. Shiv Sena has nothing progressive to offer to Marathis.

The only way people learn about Islam and Muhammad is through WhatsApp forwards and social media posts produced by the right wing. We should take the responsibility to provide proper historical information.

Tomorrow, a small gift to all journalists and citizens who want to find what other murky happenings surround the making and running of the scandalous #ElectoralBonds Scheme by the Narendra Modi government.


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