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Why do Muslims live together in ghettos? Because on the days like this, we feel safe.

So much so that I realized the gravity of the situation only after logging on to SM

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There is hardly any buzz about Ayodhya in this part of India. People are just getting on with their lives

Mastodon gives me pre 2013 Twitter vibes. Except for the fact that when handles abuse or threaten , you can report them and bring them down instantly. You need not tag Amraesh Mishra to abuse them back

Mastodon needs voice recording feature so that the world can appreciate @rishi4u 's talent

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Once upon a time, there was a very powerful bird. So powerful, that it silenced the voices of people who didn’t agree with it. And then an elephant stomped on it.

The good thing about Mastodon is that I dont have to put the Communist flag as my header due to the lost bet. Alhamdulillah


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