Alex Payne, (engineer who helped scale Twitter), way back in 2010: "Decentralization isn’t just a better architecture, it’s an architecture that resists censorship and the corrupting influences of capital and marketing.

"At the very least, decentralization would make tweeting as fundamental and irrevocable a part of the Internet as email. Now that would be a triumph of humanity."

We've got a second shot at making Twitter a shared piece of social infrastructure... An API for news and bots and emergency response systems and messaging and anything else we might dream up.

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@gordon I heard about this story before where twitter was thinking about decentralization, but it never happened. One of the reason, it seems, was because they did not know how to monetize that, so they went full silicon valley bullshit.

Centralization is always easier to monetize from the perspective of one company that wishes to grow.
Such companies do not want to share, so they can't embrace decentralization.

Once again, capitalism is the problem…

@gordon @tk mais comment on fait pour se retrouver tous au même endroit ? Et on doit prendre son pseudo préféré dans chaque instance si on ne veut pas se le faire squatter ?

@squintar on fait confiance a l'attachement préférentielle. Faut aussi voir ça comme un email et lâcher un peu prise. T'auras même plus de contrôle a travers la policy des instances et la part des admins

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