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2019 will be [an year of] revolution, 2020 will be [an year of] its implementation and 2022 will be [an year of] its affect.

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In future, Humans should not think as human of this age. Need to find other ways to be safe and unpredictable.

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We spend more time on resolving issues, while in programming, packages, academic research, writing etc...

But the worst part is that we do this Multiple times for the same issues, spending more time.

So, I started to document the things that I do come across daily while in programming, academic research, etc...

Use, fork, Contribute and merge - TLDP at

Strictly speaking, & publishing, licensing.

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'Sci-fiction' has a flaw in naming it as 'fiction' because the one or the other day everything is possible with advancement in science and technology.

Follow @indiarxiv , First preprint repository of India, setup for Indian Research scholars and the works in the context of India. It is aimed to increase the momentum of science and for dissemination of research.

What constitute(s) a preprint ( @indiarxiv) ?

Submit and/or search:

Case studies

Conference proceedings

Datasets/ Data articles

Methods and protocols



Policy statements

Project proposals

Research articles

Review articles

Technical reports



Policy Briefs

Working Papers

#indiarxiv #science #technology #research #policies #economics #Rights #literature #opneaccess india.
@indiarxiv is a #Preprints Server of #India, for Indian Research scholars | To create a platform for sharing the outputs, the people from the community of practice, @openaccessindia Open Access India along with others who felt the need to have such a platform in place came together to launch and develop a #preprints repository for the Indian researchers, the IndiaRxiv (India Archive) .

Submit or search at

In general, the best open science practises helps in differentiating and -scientific Data. Where the finding itself helps in eradicating the bias in Artificial Intelligence.

Deposit your conference/journal drafts in @IndiaRxiv (, an preprint server, before doing an upload on high cost publishing journal/conference.

@IndiaRxiv Offical softlaunch soon!

Your Mobile is purchased by you, owned by someone, Data genrated through you, Data owned by someone, Advertised on you, Advertised by someone, Influence on you, Influenced by someone, Economy through you and Economy owned by someone.

Excellent demonstration by Praveen Chadda et al. on need for (Indian) National Preprint Repository (@IndiaRxiv )

In this Digital age of Android & iOS, End-to-End(e2e) encryption protects your conversation is myth and false sense of security created and promoted by The Big Gaints!

I find it absurd when people accuse #SciHub of "stealing" from journal publishers. It is the publishers who are stealing, from the scholars who write, peer review and edit the journals without pay, from universities and their libraries who have to pay to so their researchers can publish papers *and* to get access to them, and from the public who fund all this, through public funding, tuition fees and so on.

Did you know that offers a one-click install of @matrix?

is software for messaging and VoIP. installs for you and helps you configure it.

hosts your chat rooms, which support conference calls and video calls! Just connect with the chat app. Riot has a beautiful UI!

Do you want to use on your ? What better way to connect with friends than ?

Let us know what you think!

Medical Industry grows – in a way to induce a genetically modified characteristic directly into the fetus or even before it, to directly produce the industry accepted(Standard) humans! - Humans, those who tend to works for corporates, accept Surveillance economy without having a second thought!

When we say Technology changes our lives. Yes, fro. Peace to Privacy Issues!

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