hot take: what if not allowing your software to be used by expressly evil organizations is more important than your weird hard line libertarian stance on software freedom

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Want to make animations in React Native?

🔥 Building blocks of React Native animations 🏗

🔥 Practical example: a floating-label input + screencast 🎬

🔥 Fantastic Egghead course by awesome Jason Brown 🥚

Weirdest job rejections I ever received:

1) “We say you are an anarchist, so you don’t obey orders, so we are not going to hire you”

2) Solid job offer revoked after I inquired about the startup’s financial health

3) Passed a code task. We’re in process of scheduling a tech interview when all of the sudden they “chose not to move forward” & refuse to say why. Happened today & was coming from a company which I thought was way, way better than that.

“If the hourly estimate comes back too high, I’d do fixed-price project instead” is such a “fuck you” in the face.

In other words: ”If I can underpay by doing hourly, I'll do that. If hourly is too expensive, I'll underpay by doing fixed“

Why not offer a fixed price project priced fairly, right from the beginning?

Prison Strike retaliation 

Ohio prisoner Siddique Abdullah Hasan had his phone access and other privileges revoked for speaking publicly about the prison strike.
Call the Ohio State Penitentiary at 330-743-0700 and demand they stop targeting Hasan and restore his privileges and property

My tinder bio: "I have a boyfriend. We're here to meet new people"
Guys on tinder, 5 min into a chat: "Who's we???"

New goodie from Amy Hoy: How to kick ass at a new skill you’re not wildly passionate about

Hey there! I'm Gosha. Briefly:

💻 Freelancing software developer
📕 Writer (my first ever product was an ebook — thanks @amyhoy and @alexhillman )
🗺 Traveler
🇧🇾→🇺🇸 Recently moved from Belarus to San Diego, California
🏳️‍🌈 Gay as fuck, and I've taken the most amazing man in the world — sorry everyone
🏴☭ Marx is right


Hopefully this thing won't turn into another and be abandoned.


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