The countdown to the Hopeless, Maine RPG-travels in Hopeless has begun. Today, the number pf thy counting shall be five...

Here is the penultimate spread for the Hopeless, Maine rpg at pencil stage and toned ( in CS) One to go...

and here is the first 2 page spread for the Hopeless, Maine RPG coloured. Philomena Bucket washes ashore at Shipwreck bay...

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#Patreon: Drop The External Service Charge

... Patreon announced that it would be adding a charge of 2.9% + $0.35 to all pledges, regardless of size. This fixed rate per contribution eats worst into the smallest donations, especially at the $1 level, which are vital to many creators' business models.


We ask that Patreon drop the idea of making service charges external to pledges, especially for small donations, in order to keep a vibrant creative community.

As a teaser, here is the first two-page spread for Li'l Eddy-I Heard a Bird. (The Raven, for children and discerning adults, by Micah Edwards)

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Spoonwalker Blues- Latest art for Tales from the Squid and teapot, which is a regular column by Martin Pearson and part of the Hopeless, Vendetta (A Hopeless, Maine creative community project)

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The Daughter has been groovin' on Squirrel Girl trade paperbacks, and I finally sat down and did a little SG doodle.

Someone who is friends with an anime producer-just leave a copy of Hopeless, Maine on thier desk. I will owe you....a very large favour.

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A thing what i drew this morning. It's the latest art for the Hopeless, Vendetta (Which is creative community project based on the Hopeless, Maine graphic novel series *hint* hint*) rememberedthe hashtags!

This is Gary, the demon chef from Fast Food at the Centre of the World-written by Nimue Brown. If you want him to help you with a boring wall problem, we can help.

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Making a seperate post for my #commissions !
I have a part-time job, but it's very dependable on seasons, and we're in low-season right now so I don't get a lot of days, so I have commissions open as an extra income!

Contact through e-mail, more info about process and what I can do and more is here>

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