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jk rowling confirms neville is a hamilton fan

the garcield you are not immune to propaganda picture is my favorite image i want it tattooed on my body forever

why was deuce considered the like hot guy in monster high like bro looked like this

fallen kingdom, the captainsparklez minecraft parody of coldplay's Viva La Vida, is the only song

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jocks: carnivores, prey on goths and nerds for their sustenance

preps: also carnivores, like hyenas, they will follow jocks and pick at the leftover nerd/goth carcass

goths: onmivores, will eat nerds if they are in the vicinity but vegitation does them fine

nerds: herbivores, weak, only usage is to feed jocks and occasionally preps and goths

fashion designers who use femme for stupid graphic shirts n shit PLEASE just use fem im gunna cry

goth chunky shoes r THE only good shoes

why does nobody have reading comprehension

*gazes longingly at target valentines day section*

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dude youre a fucking cycle path go see a siciatres

just saw someone call melanie martini goth and felt my soul escape from my body

wanting to get into more things but only being able to focus on the 3 interests youve had since you were 11

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