Under the Christmas tree is a cat specific pvp zone

when you mentally checked out 20 minutes ago but they're still talking

every time i come back here my notifs are flooded with people telling me they moved, big sigh

speakin of #minecraft heres my little hellscape.... i love it (i figured out how to upload More Than One Photo... im a real god)

just so you know i barely ever proofread toots i just hit that mf TOOT! button instantly after i finish a thought

i'd give my life who the person who just linked me the full venom movie in hd 🙏

iPhone alarms trigger my fight or flight instinct

can someone on rabb.it stream venom so i can finally see it

He has 70,000 teeth, and everything he says comes true. he is a Euclid-class SCP, and he is loose.

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