Can't stop watching Disenchantment. I'm already on season three...

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And finally when they came for the English-speaking, vegan, animal-loving, Netflix watching, clubbing on weekends, apolitical-otherwise Class, they found that there was no one left to support them because they were silent when they first came for the Communists.

Why didn't anybody tell me that Disenchantment was good

(Rhetorical, do not answer)

shout out to gcompris, for you 5+ old children, best to utilize an old linux laptop


A Canadian national named 'Akshay Kumar' can comment on anything without fear of deportation.

But a 24 year old German Student cannot support Indian citizens and protest with them for something that resembles the greatest tragedy in German history.


Today on 's death anniversary, young India will continue to renew its tryst with Equality under the Constitution

defenders, and are being targeted systematically by this rogue government with emails too.
Please find out more and inform others you think ought to know.



1. Private school
2. Legacy Ivy admission
3. Nepotism hire
4. Seed capital from family
5. Club memberships
6. Personal assistant, nanny, ghost writer
7. Journalists who ask, "What's your secret?" and uncritically publish the answer


When does a republic die?
When people agree that there is no wrong way to acquire power. When people agree that there is no wrong way to use power.
Then does a republic die.


It’s amazing how prescient Ambedkar was in his speech 70 years ago. Just read this speech and see how much of his warnings we ignored.

Many here ask me why I stopped crunching numbers off late and take a break from writing?

Two reasons:

1. I am a lazy reluctant writer 😉
2. Facts don't matter in a country, which is carried over by blind faith 😝

The #ElectoralBonds Investigations starts now in Tamil. Part 1 today in


#Kashmir For those of you following the Supreme Court of India challenges on Kashmir, including on #KashmirLockdown, this is an excellent summary of where these very long drawn-out proceedings have got to... #constitutionallaw #humanrights


To the visually impaired student who got beaten by the Delhi police.
Sir you may not have the gift of sight but your vision supercedes all of ours.

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

"Not knowing poverty is luck. Denying that it exists is a crime."

(Or, I think, the definition of privilege.)

Rohith, Payal Tadvi, Fathima Latheef.. The list of institutional murders seems to be endless and so does the extreme ignorance & apathy prevailing in the society. No more institutionalized discrimination & exploitation. Enact #RohithAct now. Join tomorrow's Protest at MHRD. 16 Nov, 1 pm.

Let's support @stux and the mastodon community by contributing, whatever little we can... after all this is a platform we all enjoy using and no this doesn't have big pocket investors behind it. Good thing too, because investors would dictate directions (they do mostly) and the freedoms we enjoy would likely be lost...
Pls support the community

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