Nice to see that Github now allows unlimited private repos for free.
Even better if you ditch centralized services and either self-host or team up with your local hackerspace or friends to run e.g. a gitea server or the like.

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Just testing out this Nextcloud Social thing :)
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does the "dropping a malware flash drive in the parking lot and hoping someone plugs it in" cyberattack vector have a proper name yet? if not, i propose Show more

I can't get my @nextcloud Social app to work. It keeps saying that .well-known/webfinger isn't configured correctly even though I can hit the endpoint from my browser with no issues. I'm running my NextCloud instances in Docker behind a reverse proxy so I'm guessing it's some server-side check that fails because of that.

Hvornår mon der kommer et opgør i homomiljøet omkring rygning? Det kræver selvfølgelig at alle de populære steder står sammen om det og tør tage skridtet, men det ville muligvis betyde at sådan nogle som mig begyndte at lægge mine penge der igen 🙄

Jeg var ude med nogle venner i går og endte med at besøge flere af byens homosteder. Vi måtte droppe at gå ind på de fleste af dem fordi der simpelthen var for tilrøget. Så vi endte på Oscar som dog er ikke-ryger men til gengæld spillede vildt høj musik så det nærmest var umuligt at føre en samtale alle fem af os samtidigt. Nu kan jeg i hvert fald huske hvorfor jeg foretrækker en god flaske rødvin derhjemme

@nextcloud I'm trying to get the Social app to work but I keep seeing ".well-known/webfinger isn't properly set up!". I'm running my NextCloud in Docker if that makes any difference. I can access with no issues in the browser. Any ideas what I should look for?

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"Welcome to Magic School. Here is your schedule."
"Thanks! But..."
"This is just 'Ethics' and 'Human rights' and things like that."
"Correct, that's the first year curriculum."
"Do we have to learn all this?"
"Of course! What do you think this is, software engineering?"

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If only big internet companies would be as eager to remove Nazis as they are on fighting the war on nipples

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Just realised: with the purging of adult content based on US moral standards, corporations controlling huge swathes of user content and the decline of the number of browser engines.

The WWW is becoming AOL.

What's that big bright thing in the sky over Copenhagen? I feel like I've seen it before but can't for the life of me remember its name.

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#Email is the oldest and most popular way to communicate online.

However, some email providers don't respect privacy. For example, Gmail reads your mail and lets third parties read it too.

There are much more privacy-friendly email providers out there, for example:






#AlternativesAtoZ #DeleteGmail

Wemos D1 mini + Hue Bridge + a few lines of code = party lights in my office 😂

Going home to pick up my laptop power supply and then I'm off to . Stop by and say hi if you're in the area!

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The @GetTogetherComm project is making an open source federated alternative to

You can already use their first instance ( but they need help with building the federation side of things, so that instances can link together and with the rest of the Fediverse.

If you're a coder and interested in helping, you may want to take a look at this post:

#OpenSource #FLOSS #FOSS

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Fit bits are just Tamagotchis for adults but turns out you're the blob you're trying to keep alive.

If you're in or near Copenhagen today, drop by at Café Mellemrummet between 1pm and 5pm. I'll only be there till about 4 today though 😊

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