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Recap: Secure your SSH access

– allow only whitelisted IP addresses to connect
– use a non-root account for access and disable root
– use keys instead of passwords
– only use modern algorithms
– enable 2FA for SSH
– back up your configuration
– (use dedicated hardware to store your keys)

#webserversecurity #security #infosec #cybersecurity #ssh #hardening #2fa #firewall #pam

I ended up just doing it the normal way of configuring everything in /etc/network/interfaces. Away with all the "magic" of dhcpcd and whatever else was trying to mess with my networking config. Done! My is now happily exchanging and routes with my other hosts over . Yay!

While I, in many ways, like what Cloudflare does (and I love that they're now embracing IPFS - congrats to the IPFS project on that!), I also feel like we're already pouring way too much of our data through their systems. It's a massive-scale centralisation problem that we've been blindly going along with for years.

Decentralise, people! This is crucial to keep the Internet as we know it free and open.

Anyone know where I can configure extra IPs on the loopback interface on a rPI running Raspbian? /etc/network/interfaces isn't much help and /etc/dhcpcd.conf mentions nothing about the lo interface. I'm confused :(

I finally got around to getting myself connected to through a few peers. If you're looking for someone new to peer with (and you can do ), feel free to reach out! My peering details are here:

Pulling around 800Mbit/sec through a interface on my Hetzner box. That's quite impressive!

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I've got GAS...

Gadget Acquisition Syndrome.

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For friends where Tor is blocked:

You can now choose additional bridges right inside Tor Browser.

We hope this will allow more people to bypass censorship and browse the web freely and privately.

Mirror: source:

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@lutoma Hey, I stumbled on you on the DN42 PeerFinder :) Seems your automated WireGuard thing is down - but I'm curious, what are you using to allow people to self-service peer through ? Is it something you've hacked together yourself?

Just finished signing all the GnuPG keys that participated in the fingerprint verification meetup. Great to get that out of the way!

I really really like how simple is to set up and use.

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I bought a new Yubikey 4C Nano and it's so small that now I can't find it. Now that's real security. #yubikey #security

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If a company collecting data goes bust, the data often gets packaged and sold. So the question when you sign up for a hot startup is not just if you’re happy sharing your data with them. But also, if you’re happy sharing the data with the company that buys them? The idea that data is an asset—that sometimes it is the only asset left when a startup goes bankrupt—is something that isn’t widely thought about outside the industry. It also may no longer be legal post-.

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Good morning mastodon (Europe)! Time for coffee! And marmalade. On toast. Marmalade in coffee sounds gross.

Breakfast: From Middle English brekefast, brekefaste, equivalent to break +‎ fast (literally, "to end the nightly fast").

#coffee #breakfast #etymology #smarterAlready

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Unix will give you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot. If you didn’t think rope would do that, you should have read the man page.

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Even if you're not allowed to code, you can still write in machine language.

Freedom of Assembly is a human right.

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Statistics site for the Fediverse / Federation Show more

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At a conference recently, I went over to a table of guys around a computer.

Asked "Whatcha working on, can I join?"
One of them says "It's very complex stuff," with dismissive body language.
Guy I know says "jay can handle it" and makes room for me to sit down.

Yeah, I facilitated multiple sessions at the conference on this, and just spent weeks implementing a related feature.

One rude person doesn't ruin my day anymore, but this type of thing beats down beginners.

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