When two editors started arguing about whether the correct phrase is "say your piece" or "say your peace," we had to investigate! ow.ly/QZdG30nKir6

I love this analogy: "The way we type can often feel like adding flair to a school uniform." ow.ly/tBOt30nNHth

To remember the spelling, think of the E on the end of "grille" as being decorative like the metal grilles themselves. ow.ly/PNVD30nKipu

I talked with NYT bestselling author @BCDreyer about his pet peeves, how he found his voice, why his book largely ignores AP style, and more. Listen free!

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Tyler James Smith, author of "Unstoppable Moses," discusses emotional reactions to punctuation and beautifully boring and impossible-to-spell words. ow.ly/UvHP30nKiuV

People often ask whether a "troop" is an individual soldier, a group of soldiers, or both. ow.ly/RgYA30nKisV

In this week's Grammar Girl podcast, New York Times bestselling author Benjamin Dreyer (@BCDreyer) talks about his pet peeves, how he found his voice, why his book largely ignores AP style, and more. podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/m

Most on-brand current story: Before tweeting this, I looked up "swingset" to see if it is one word or two and "on-brand" to see if it takes a hyphen.

On my backyard swingset, I would make up tips about how to swing and slide and say them out loud to an imaginary audience.

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What is your most on brand story from your childhood?

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Passive voice can work when you don't know who did something, but it doesn't work when you're trying to avoid saying names in front of a judge.

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"The passive voice is not helpful," Judge Berman Jackson tells Stone as he answers questions about his volunteers and his social media operation.

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Surprise! The words “wages,” “mortgage,” and “wed” have the same origin. ow.ly/t1xt30nKigK

I had a fabulous time talking with @lexfri@twitter.com on @Earwolf@twitter.com's Wolf Den podcast. We talked about the podcasting business, of course, but it turns out Lex was also a linguistics major, so we couldn't help but talk about language too. earwolf.com/episode/mignon-fog

Congratulations to both of you! I can’t wait to read this. STORY GENIUS is one of the most helpful and inspiring writing books I’ve ever read.

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Deal Announcement: @LisaCron@twitter.com's STORY OR DIE to @TenSpeedPress@twitter.com! wiredforstory.com

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The image of a stubborn burro putting on perfume will help you remember how to spell "bureaucracy." ow.ly/roaa30nKieF

Nobody wants a disease to recur and nobody who has had a disease want a relapse, but let’s think about how these two words differ. ow.ly/KqHA30nKiio

Watch my AP style webinar live with your team or recorded and at your leisure (but if you watch live, you can ask questions at the end!). Save money by registering here: ragan.com/store/grammar-girls-

Remember how to use semicolons by using this memory trick and a helpful chart. ow.ly/Zw5x30nKdjz

I'm especially happy with the most recent show. The "D-Day" answer was surprising, and the "salad-salad" segment was just plain fun! open.spotify.com/episode/3AayD 🎧📲

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