Duolingo when you come back after a long absence: You’re a language hero! Absolutely the best! 🥰❤️🎉

Duolingo two weeks later: It’s 6 p.m. Chop chop, slacker.

I can’t decide!

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the clipped form of "usual" is least confusingly spelled...

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Yes! It’s hard to comprehend how much it helps until you’ve been up there. Years later, I still remember the faces of some of the happy nodders from my book tours.

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Hail to the nodders

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I love it!

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@GrammarGirl@twitter.com Procrastineatening. ✔️

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I accidentally changed my settings to limit who can reply to my tweets, and then I tweeted a question for people to answer. Ugh, sorry! It’s fixed. 🤦‍♀️

My feisty, fearless 80+-year-old friend has volunteered to be a poll worker. 🥰

National Novel Writing Month is less than a month away! How are you preparing?

Meet the Double Negative pet peeve!

In my card game, Peeve Wars, you build an army of pet peeves to annoy your opponents to death.

Double Negative is especially powerful; it doubles the annoyance value of any card you choose.

Get the game today: thegamecrafter.com/games/gramm


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In Middle English, the word STORY came to be used of an image depicting an event from history. Because such pictures were often painted onto the upper levels of buildings like churches, the word also came to be used of the different levels or ‘stories’ of a building themselves.

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I can’t make this, but I would if I could. Sounds fun!

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TODAY, AT NOON, @cmpriest@twitter.com and @ChuckWendig@twitter.com will talk crime, mystery, spec fic intersections on Ditch Diggers. We're celebrating the launch of STATION ETERNITY tomorrow!

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Last chance to suggest a question for me to ask Randall Munroe of xkcd fame tomorrow morning!

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I'm interviewing Randall Munroe of @xkcd@twitter.com fame one week from today for the Grammar Girl podcast!

What would you like me to ask him? What do you want to know about his book or comic?

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Wow! How neat! USA.gov recommends me as a writing reference.

I added the heart. They don’t actually have a heart on their website!

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@GrammarGirl@twitter.com usa.gov/style-guide/style-guid

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I just made these jicama fries, and good lord, they were delicious. My eyes are still kind of glazed over from pleasure.

(I cut them thinner than the recipe says because I like my fries crispy.) kicking-carbs.com/keto-jicama-

Why do we call a cup of coffee a cup of joe?

@DragonflyEditorial@twitter.com says the short answer is that it's probably short for "jamoke," which is a combination of "Java" and "Mocha" — two places Dutch traders went to get beans.

I taught at UNR, but many of our students were from Vegas, and this was the kind of big concert they would go home for.

None of my students ended up being there, but other professors did know students who were shot. A truly horrible day and a dread that is felt far too often.

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As I said last year, I will never forget waiting to hear if any of my students were shot.

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Remembering our fellow Nevadans in Las Vegas on this anniversary of 1 October. 📸:@LVCVA@twitter.com

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Do you love knitting? Bridge? Axie Infinity? Poker? Fitness? Keto cooking? Gluten-free cooking? Fly fishing? Movies? Script writing? Science news? (English usage? 😉)

There’s a podcast for you!

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Happy !

I get about 90% of my entertainment from podcasts and audiobooks.

If you’ve never tried podcasts, do it! The big shows are great, but if you do a little searching, you can find podcasts about nearly ✨anything✨ you love. Plus, they’re free!

The @storybundle@twitter.com I mentioned in my podcast with fiction editor Joshua Essoe a week or two ago is now live!

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Check out this awesome Writer's Career Toolkit from @storybundle@twitter.com - Curated by @TheKJA@twitter.com and including books from @thecreativepenn@twitter.com @thewriterike@twitter.com @JoshuaEssoe@twitter.com @SarahRPainter@twitter.com and more...


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